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ACE Knowledge

AI and data-driven knowledge base to support your agents, chatbot and smart FAQ

Smart knowledge in the customer meeting

ACE Knowledge is the centrally located and maintained source of knowledge in your organization. Knowledge that can be used, in customized variants, internally and externally, both to help your customers and to relieve and sharpen the staffed customer service. Quick access to relevant, customized, and quality-assured knowledge is a cornerstone of the customer meeting.

ACE Knowledge can be used independently, for the online customer meeting, or as an integral part of an omnichannel solution with the rest of the ACE portfolio. Use ACE Knowledge on your web to answer questions or guide further into the contact center when needed.

Smart FAQ, internal knowledge portal or chatbot. With our easy-to-work interfaces, you can get the right knowledge to the right person, regardless of channel. It’s easy to customize the look of the interfaces to match your organization’s graphical expressions, and of course, it’s just as stylish on your computer, tablet, and mobile. In the latest version, the interfaces can also meet the accessibility guidelines for disabled people in WCAG 2.1 at AA level.

About ACE Knowledge

In short
  • Centralize knowledge and display it in the right context
  • A brain with internal and external interfaces
  • Standalone on the web or integrated into ACE

The right knowledge at the right time

ACE Knowledge is easy to administer and presents relevant and customized content or features to end users – in the right place and at the right time.

Easy to administer

With a graphical web interface, administrators and editors easily create and maintain content, logic, contact forms, dialog trees, statistical reports, and appearance, without having to be programmers. Create guides with text, image, video, and full versioning, and make different answer variants, tailored to your audience. Build feeds and conversations and associate intents with keywords and search terms. Make sure your content ranks on search engines with SEO features and adjust content based on usage and feedback.

Easy to present

Depending on the target group, you can easily present the content in the best way. It can be like a quick-search knowledge portal for customer service employees or in user-friendly and configurable widgets for customers on the web.  The level of detail can be customized for the recipient using answer variants, the goal is for the user to be helped to quickly find exactly the knowledge, service or contact path that solves their problems best. Personalization data can be retrieved from other systems or logged-in user profiles.

Build with integrations

The functionality and benefits can be further lifted by allowing ACE Knowledge to exchange data with other systems. Therefore, there are a number of APIs and ready-made integrations that enable smart and powerful solutions, tailored to your users’ needs. Communicate with, for example, CRM, case management systems and much more.

Key features

  • AI-based and self-learning, which constantly improves understanding of users’ questions and what answers solve them
  • Modular “mobile first” design with options for presenting content in knowledge portal, inline widget, floating widget or chatbot
  • Dialog tree with counter-queries to further pinpoint user intent
  • Email forms, chat, phone, callback, web link are available contact paths directly in the widget and more can be integrated thanks to JavaScript APIs and adapters
  • “One Widget” follows the guidelines in WCAG 2.1 at AA level to meet legal requirements and make ace knowledge content and features more accessible to people with disabilities
  • Powerful customization with JSON Config to fine-tune the position and behavior of various elements such as where and when the search jaw should be available
  • Minimize “unnecessary” contacts by viewing content that is most likely to answer the customer’s question before the contact paths appear
  • Multilingual support (17 languages currently)
  • Easy to put in clear notifications to alert customers to, for example, abnormal opening hours or service interruptions
  • SEO functionality for your content to be found through search engines

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