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Member focus in all interactions

Smarter contacts for a better and safer work experience

Because work is important to our lives

Work and salary related questions have a large impact on our lives. Answers mean peace of mind, and you can give it to them. Telia ACE is a comprehensive, cloud-based communications platform that offers self-service solutions and automation that extend the opening hours of the contact center.

Telia ACE for trade unions

For a better member service and a more meaningful workday

Always open

We have seen a rapid development of self-service applications, and in the future the customers will be able to manage even more errands on their own. And not just simple tasks, such as ordering a certificate or schedule an appointment with a member advisor, but also tasks that are carried out in several steps. 

Jak mogę ci pomóc?

Do you have members who are not comfortable communicating in Swedish or English? Use technology to make their lives easier!
Put your members at the center of every interaction, by programming a chatbot or voicebot to answer common questions in for example Polish, Ukrainian or Estonian.   

Safe and secure

Telia ACE is the market leader Contact Center as a Service, CCAS in the Nordic region with a strong local presence. We know from experience with customers just like you what you need to provide a safe, speedy and secure communication with your customers.

Join Danish trade union HK in a webinar

During this webinar Debbie Hedegaard and Louise Byrialsen from Danish trade union HK will, together with Mats Lundell from Telia ACE give you insights on how they improved member service using Telia ACE tools.

The event is presented in Danish.

News, insights, tips and inspiration

Our customers continue to transform their customer service experience with Telia ACE from simplifying customer service to winning awards for excellent customer service throughout the Nordics. Dive into their stories and explore their journeys from challenges to practical strategies that improved both customer and agent experience.

Insights from trade union Byggnads successful AI-chatbot launch

The Trade union Byggnads has long utilized the Telia ACE Knowledge service, giving them a head start in today’s AI-driven landscape where access to updated and structured data is crucial for deliverin…

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A smarter web experience for members of Handels trade union

The Swedish trade union Handelsanställdas förbund (Handels) wanted their new web to strengthen their brand further and make it easier for visitors to find the right information and get issues solved. …

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Intuitive online booking system saves time at HK

Making or rescheduling an appointment shouldn’t be a big deal. And making appointments online in an intuitive online system is considered basics in today’s customer experience. HK implemented Telia AC…

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Information is the backbone for Danish trade union HK

HK is a Danish trade union and unemployment fund with close to 230,000 members, which makes it the second largest in Denmark. They want everybody to be able to come into contact with member services i…

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Swedish union Byggnads constructs modern member services

The Swedish trade union Byggnads complements the traditional customer meeting with digital alternatives to be available to their members around the clock. An agile and brave way of working has allowed…

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Byggnads voice bots covered in Telekom Idag

The trade union Byggnads is working actively to modernise and improve service towards its more than 100,000 members. For that purpose, they are building smart voice and online services using Telia ACE…

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Future-proof contact center platform

Digitization is happening everywhere and in every aspect of our lives. We can’t be certain how it will transform our workdays, but one thing we do know for sure is that member expectations will be higher in the future.

A scalable and versatile digital communications platform will support your long-term strategy, regardless of what it looks like today and how it will change in the future.

Making conversations flow across all channels

Telia ACE allows organizations in the private and public sectors to design optimal customer journeys with smooth conversations across channels. It ties together all customer communication, from traditional voice interactions to conversations in social or digital channels. 

With Telia ACE you have a foundation that supports all aspects of the digital member meeting with integrations, automation, video and more, and with Telia as a partner you are in a good position to harness the technology of the future

Respecting member confidentiality

Do you have members who have the right to contact you anonymously via phone or chat?

The Telia ACE solution can be configured to meet confidentiality requirements, and allows you to stay transparent about when and how member data is used and for how long it is stored.

Market leader

With 96 000 users, Telia ACE is a market leader in the Nordics. The platform integrates seamlessly with most third-party platforms, to cover all aspects of the customer journey. 

Top notch consulting

Frost & Sullivan described Telia ACE as a solution with a perfect balance between technology innovation and human touch in their European CCaaS-report 2021.

On the forefront

Telia ACE spearheads the application of speech technologies and deep learning in the European CX market. Telia ACE is also one of a few select Google CCAI-partners. 

Data-driven business development

The contact center is gaining a more strategic role in all organization, because this is where the data and competence to analyze it is located. With Telia ACE you have the tools you need to become a a catalyst for insight driven business development, and to achieve a successful digital transformation for higher efficiency and a better member experience. 

Seamless multi-channel experience

Today’s members want to be able to find the answers they want, when they want them and via the channel of their choice. Increase accessibility by offering contact methods that meet the needs of all members, such as phone, chat, and text messages and view all contact and interactions in the same user-friendly interface.

Telia ACE is intuitive and easy-to-use for all your personnel, both daily and more sporadic users.

All information at your fingertips

In organizations that are becoming increasingly complex , and with members with a wide range of queries, it is impossible for anyone to have all the answers to all the questions. A smart knowledgebase makes it easy to maintain an updated version of all frequently asked questions that may be needed in the call, chat, or meeting with a member.

Contact center trends


The agent’s new role is about problem- solving, and they need the right tools and the right personal characteristics to succeed. 


Customers expect to be able to carry out an increasing number of errands, even complex ones, on their own.

AI and analytics

AI and analytics are transforming the contact center to an insight hub with accelerating strategic importance.

Data driven

Do you have a hunch that things could run smoother? Or that you may benefit from reallocating resources, but can’t quite put your finger on how?

Take the guesswork out of the quality assurance control with real-time dashboards, member surveys and automated reports.


You need a communications platform that is designed for interaction with other systems, and that will adapt as you evolve.

Telia ACE has open API:s that ensure a seamless and secure flow of information, and supports your digital transformation goals today and in the future.

Mobile app makes conversations flow

ACE to Go is a smartphone app that lets you manage all main call handling functions for the contact center, such as serving queues and waiting lists to answer incoming calls and make scheduled or pending callback calls from your mobile device.

These basic but powerful functions open for new smart ways of working and contributes to evolving the contact center’s role in the organization.

ACE To Go for people on the move

Seamless flows

By formalizing the contacts from first line to experts in the organization, a better customer experience is created for both people calling in and for your staff. It also makes it easy for anybody to “jump in” and strengthen the team for those who don’t primarily work in the contact center.

Include the experts

With the smartphone app, it becomes easy for experts on the go, and back-office staff, to step in and add expertise to the contact center. For example, it is possible to create a “hidden” queue or waiting list for callbacks that not directly accessible in the IVR, but available to agents to forward contacts to if necessary.

Flexible workday 

ACE To Go can also be a tool to offer a more flexible, mobile and sustainable way of working for staff in the contact center. Being able to perform some tasks, without having to sit at a desk is an attractive proposition for most. And we know that a good agent experience is key to an excellent customer experience.

Use smart tools and AI to retain talent

Technology can contribute to making coworkers happier and staying longer. Self service solutions and robotization can perform the simple and repetitive tasks, which means that the human workers can focus on more stimulating tasks.

It also creates new career paths and assignments, such as chatbot coach, content editor of the smart database, and robotization expert. AI and structured data analysis also open the door to roles in analytics, quality management and business development.

Security is in our DNA

Organization in the Nordics are required to adhere to GDPR and data confidentiality regulations. This may include storing data on servers that are physically located within the borders of the EU. Telia has been a supplier of critical Swedish infrastructure since 1853, and offers data storage in secure Swedish datacenters and a safe journey to the cloud.