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How Swedish Svenska Spel optimized the digital customer experience

  • 4 min read

Emma Berglund works as a CX consultant at Telia and helps our customers get the most value from their digital customer meeting solutions. During CX Weeks she held a webinar and shared how Svenska Spel reduced the number of calls to customer service with 23 percent, and the number of chats with 42 percent by meeting the customers on the site in a smarter way. 

If you are not already familiar with our digital customer meeting solution, ACE Knowledge can be described as a conversational platform where the hub is a smart knowledge base. Rather than creating and storing information in different parts of the organization, it is stored in one database, and right data can be shared with the right target audience in the most suitable way. It can be everything from a smart FAQ or a chatbot on the web, to an internal portal that supports the agents in their work and facilitates onboarding of new staff.

ACE Knowledge can also be connected to the other tools in the ACE platform to visualize queue times and to achieve seamless handovers from self-service to an agent via phone, chat, or email. During CX Weeks Emma shared Svenska Spel’s optimization journey. From when they reached out about a pre-study and a business case in 2019, until when the effects were measured two years later.

Prepare carefully and make better decisions

As a first step, Svenska Spel gathered visitor data from their site with Google Analytics, conducted customer surveys and identified the most common questions that customer service received. They also carried out internal workshops where representatives from IT and customer service worked together. The data was delivered to Telia, and when Emma and her colleagues had performed an analysis, they presented a recommended solution and estimated savings.

During the second half of 2019 Svenska Spel implemented the chatbots Bettan for sports games and Lotta for games of chance. A little while later they added a smart FAQ with clear categories to answer the visitors most common questions. The solution supports Svenska Spel’s contact strategy and contributes to the right errand being transferred to the right channel at any given moment. At the follow up in 2021 the number of calls to customer service had been reduced by 23 percent and the number of live chats was down with 42 percent.

“We concluded that the FAQ is performing really well and that the chatbots Bettan and Lotta also are pulling their weight”, says Emma Berglund..

Emma points out that you need to be curious to identify possible areas of improvement as the signals that show that something can be optimized tend to be hazy. Often the customer service staff have a feeling that something is off, but to find the right steps forward you need to analyze data to understand the nature of the problem and what causes it. Emma points out that a key factor for success for Svenska Spel was that they evaluated the need before they invested in a solution and that they applied technology to solve a problem they had a thorough understanding of.

“Do your homework, base your decisions on data and insights and not just on hopes and guesses. That allows you to address the root cause rather than alleviate symptoms.”

Simple solutions that return big improvements

A solution for the digital customer meeting will never be done – rather the management is an agile process with continuous improvements. Often you can achieve measurable improvements without making any significant integrations. You can for example connect the chatbot to specific elements on the website and let it appear with someone clicks on customer service and invoice. Adding a help-text to the trigger button can also make a big difference for the visibility.

If you want to check out Emma’s webinar you can find it on YouTube.