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Telia ACE Roadshow 2023

Product news, insights, inspiration and a glimpse of the future. That’s the Telia ACE Roadshow.

Product news, trendspotting and demos

The Telia ACE Roadshow is a meeting place where we not only presented insights and inspiration. We gave you a glimpse of the future for the digital customer meeting of the future.

Join our speakers and take part of the event and their presentations. Got any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to any and all of them!


Choose between the digital events in English or Swedish or watch the recording of the live event in Solna where we invited Pernilla Klarqvist from Resurs and Sebastian Johansson from E.on to talk about their insights from working with Telia ACE.

We also hade the opportunity to sit down and talk about the future of generative AI with Ted Schönbeck from Google, Gabriel Skantze from KTH. They were joined by Pernilla Klarqvist, Sebastian Johansson and Emma Berglund and Mathias Johansson from Telia.

Telia ACE Digital Roadshow. (English)

1:50 Emma Berglund
20:50 Hans Nahringbauer
38:25 Elin Olsson
58:55 Lena Erlandsson

Telia ACE Digital Roadshow. (Swedish)

1:44 Emma Berglund
24:17 Hans Nahringbauer
54:33 Elin Olsson
1:17:22 Lena Erlandsson

Telia ACE Live Roadshow. (Swedish)

7:28 Emma Berglund, Telia
32:00 Sebastian Johansson, E.on
1:17:30 Hans Nahringbauer, Telia
1:38:00 Pernilla Klarqvist, Resurs
2:02:40 Elin Olsson, Telia
2:46:30 Lena Erlandsson, Telia
3:08:35 Beata Nylén, Telia presents the panel

Demos in English

ACE Video

ACE Chatbot powered by GPT

ACE Virtual Agent

Demos in Swedish

ACE Video

ACE Chatbot powered by GPT

ACE Virtual Agent

Voice demo

Listen to the possibilities creating natural language voice bots using generative AI and existing content. In this demo, we created a voice bot in a couple of minutes using content from a web site (


News & Trendspotting

Emma Berglund, Customer Experience Specialist

News in Telia ACE and the road ahead

Hans Nahringbauer, Strategy Officer

Download the presentations
Download the presentations

ACE To Go & ACE Video

Elin Olsson, Common Product Manager Agent Experience

ACE Conversational & AI

Lena Erlandsson, Head of Product Management

Download the presentations
Download the presentations