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The perfect mix

Save time, improve customer and agent experience and optimize the contact center

The perfect mix in one place

Media blending in Telia ACE makes it possible to manage tasks in sequence regardless of whether the customer has been in touch by phone, chat or email. It is also a prerequisite for enjoying an omnichannel experience where the customer can remain with the same agent even if the conversation is moved from one channel to another.

Telia ACE for omnichannel and mediablending

All channels in one place

Smarter meetings

By proactively meeting customers online and quickly offering answers to their questions, there is a greater chance that the visit will result in a purchase. For example, you can offer to call the customer or to chat. You also have the option of proposing alternative contact routes depending on waiting times or hours of business. The person in charge can easily trace how many people want online contact and where exactly they are in the buying process.

Surf the net together

The ACE Co-browsing feature enables the agent that is chatting with the customer to share a page on your website with the customer without having to download any software. The agent can see the customer’s mouse pointer and what the customer is entering, and can easily help the customer to complete forms, or if necessary send a link to the customer or transfer him or her to a colleague.

All data in one place

Telia ACE enables the staff to allow the journey to revolve around the customer rather than the channel where they meet them. It is easy for the agents to see a quick overview of previous meetings with the ACE Interact customer. You can search and view, for example, chats, emails and calls. Once the agent accepts a contact, the customer’s previous contact history is automatically displayed. The information you save is optional, you determine this to suit your needs.

Multimedia routing

Telia ACE intercepts information about the customer in order to interpret what the person is looking for. Who is the customer and what is the case about? The system guides the customer to the right expertise, ranging from self-service online to an agent with specialist knowledge.

The service is location-independent, which means that agents can log in from anywhere, and contacts are then routed correctly based on criteria such as skill, location or availability. Smart routing means the agents’ skills are utilized in the best possible way and customers enjoy much better service. Everyone’s a winner when nobody gets held up or needs to wait unnecessarily. And, for that matter, when none of the staff are sitting twiddling their thumbs while others are overloaded.

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