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Release 22

ACE 22 has something for everyone. For example, the agent gets better directory searches and more control over storage rules. The administrator and coach get several small improvements for easier and more efficient operation and the content editor in ACE Knowledge gets smoother workflows. The end user, our customers’ customers, get easier booking and rescheduling of callback appointments as well as a better video chat.

All adding up to real world customer experience improvements.

New and updated features

Extended functionality for scheduled callback

Web interface for online appointment booking in callback schedule

Available time slots can be selected by the end user in an embeddable and configurable web page. Responsive design to work on all devices.

Book callback appointment up to 29 days in advance

Callback administration GUI in ACE Admin is improved to create better overview.

Reschedule or cancel a previously booked callback appointment by phone in self-service IVR

Highly configurable service regarding, audit trail and when end users are allowed to make changes to a previously booked appointment. E.g disallow rescheduling from hidden number, send confirmation SMS to appointed number etc.

Beta release of ACE Virtual Agent Premium

Powered by ACE Conversational Hub and Google CCAI.

Premium adds a number of features over the standard ACE Virtual Agent:

  • Based on Google Dialogflow CX Edition
    • Reusable intents/functions and loopback functionality
    • More advanced NLU
    • Better for complex projects and apps
    • Sentiment analysis (language dependent)
  • Full EU regionalization

Together, these extra features make ACE Virtual Agent Premium is the preferred solution for agent assist.

New features in ACE Knowledge for workflow and ownership

Further facilitating production and maintenance of quality assured content.

Multiple information owners

Greater flexibility in information ownership. Several individual persons or a user group can be assigned as owners and all will be notified about expired content or edits that need approval. Group ownership greatly streamlines administration, for example a new employee can be added to a group and instantly get the correct access rights. Different groups or groups and individual users can be combined as needed.

Ownership can now be applied for categories.

Ownership is then automatically assigned to any guides added to the category. Greatly simplifies administration compared to having to assign ownership for each individual guide. If preferred by the organization, category owners can be suggested as guide owners instead of automatically assigned.

A new interface for ownership transfer.

It works for users as well as for groups and makes reorganizing ownership easy.

Aggregation of results in ACE Interact user search

Improved presentation of results when searching across ACE and other UC source systems such as Touch Point Plus or CMG. Search hits for the same person in different systems are aggregated into a single row. This makes interpreting search results much easier, less time consuming and less error prone for anyone working in ACE Interact.

Extended functionality in ACE Recording G2 and Interaction View

  • Support for recording callback calls and preview campaign calls for organizations using Touchpoint Plus, VIP, TPX and ACE Voice
  • It is now possible to export recordings to AWS S3 bucket cloud storage managed by the customer to simplify further analysis or processing. Using a standard interface makes it easy for any application to retrieve the data.
  • ACE Recording G2 support for incoming IVR calls for organizations using Mitel MX-ONE or Cisco HCS on a Telia Entry network connection.
  • Enhanced control over storage rules for the agent. For example, if a call turns out to be a threat, the agent can tag it for extended storage so it can be saved and retrieved as evidence for a longer period than the default configured storage time. It is now also possible for the agent to classify and tag the content of the call in addition to the automatic IVR classification. This makes it easier to find it later in ACE Interaction View.
  • Interaction metadata may be stored and retrieved for a longer period than the actual recording is stored. This separation of metadata from content is possible for all types of interactions (e-mails, chat conversations etc.), not only recordings. A feature that makes it easier for organizations to comply with privacy regulations and policies such as GDPR.

In case you missed it – New flexible work area in ACE Interact 20 and later

NOTE! This new functionality was introduced in ACE Interact 20. However, it was made available at a later date than the main release and was not covered in release news at the time (it has been added now). To make sure that you don’t miss it, we choose to repeat it below, although technically not a new feature in ACE 22.

A new “card framework” give agents more freedom in tailoring their work area to optimise for their tasks, workflows and individual needs.

  • Instead of using fixed width columns, size and position can be set independently for every individual card in the browser window
  • Cards may overlap, partially or fully
  • Card placement is maintained on window resize. Scroll bars are added dynamically if needed
  • “Snap” function helps the user to organise cards neatly in the work area
  • When upgrading to ACE Interact 20 or later from earlier versions it remembers where you left off to make you feel right at home

The new work area lets the agent place cards and adjust size to get the most important information and tools in focus and in the order they are used. This way it’s possible to reduce distractions, resulting in a better and more effective work environment.

More tweaks to the work area

  • A shortcut button makes it easier to log out and terminate the work shift correctly
  • Improved and colour-coded status area makes it clearer what status the agent is in
  • New and improved design of toggle for paused/active
  • Activate forwarding without having to pause first. Saves seconds and improves statistics accuracy
Minor updates

Usability improvements in ACE Coach

  • Tables now show total and filtered row count and have resizable column width that is remembered between sessions
  • When trying to save a form that is not complete, the fields that need fixing are highlighted

Flexible provisioning of ACE One Widget Chat

Configuration locally in ACE Web SDK by using a JSON configuration file rather than the ACE Knowledge administration interface. This makes it possible to distribute ACE OneWidget chat without any connection to ACE Knowledge

Robustness and UX improvements to ACE Video Chat

  • Stability and better auto-recovery from network problems. Sessions that are unexpectedly interrupted will either be auto-recovered or terminated in a controlled way with a human-friendly error message and possible next action for the end user(s)
  • Easier to toggle between device cameras to choose the best for the conversation. For example, if you want to switch between front and back camera to show something in front of you to for the agent

Callthrough to agent in pause or wrapup

A special feature that lets you call another agent that even if they are not in status “Ready” (but not in a call). It is made available as an access function that may be authorized to specific users, typically an operator.

Visible Line state for MX-One in ACE Interact

Real time line state for catalogue search results in ACE Interact makes it easy to avoid forwarding a contact to a busy extension in organizations using Mitel MX-ONE.

This improves the end user customer experience.

Line state is fetched via CT-connect.

Continued development of ACE Admin

Built in calendar with national public holidays for Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark makes it easier to add exception dates for Schedules and Callback appointment schedules.


Version requirements for the individual clients

To use the new functionality in Telia ACE 22.0 you need latest version of each respective sub product.

The following versions of ACE clients are compatible with ACE 22.0:

  • ACE Admin must be upgraded, only version 22 is supported.
  • ACE Coach must be upgraded, only version 22 is supported.
  • CallGuide Report / ACE Report versions 11.0.0 or newer are supported.
  • CallGuide Agent / ACE Agent versions 9.0.0 or newer are supported.
  • CallGuide Pulse / ACE Pulse versions 9.0.0 or newer are supported.
  • ACE Interact versions 12.0.0 or newer are supported.
  • ACE Monitor versions 12.0.0 or newer are supported.
  • ACE Reference Chat Client 22 requires ACE Web SDK 22 or newer.
  • ACE Main Server 22 requires ACE Cobrowsing Engine 20.0.0 or newer. ACE Cobrowsing Engine 20.0.0 is also compatible with ACE Main Server 20 or 21 if Patch 450 is installed.
  • ACE Main Server 22 requires ACE Proactive Web Engine 20.0.0 or newer.
  • When upgrading CallGuide Database to 22.0.0, all users of ACE Coach and ACE Interact will automatically start using the new version at next login after upgrade:
    • the system parameters governing the primary version and the secondary version of ACE Coach will automatically be changed to 22.0.0.
    • the system parameter governing the primary version of ACE Interact will automatically be changed to 22.0.0 and the system parameter governing the secondary version of ACE Interact will automatically be changed to the primary version used before the upgrade.
  • If upgrading from a version older than ACE 21, it is strongly recommended to read release notes for all intermediate versions. For instance, if upgrading from ACE 17.0 to ACE 22.0, ACE18ReleaseNotes, ACE19ReleaseNotes, ACE20ReleaseNotes and ACE21ReleaseNotes should be read.