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AI and automation for a better customer experience

Save time, improve customer and agent experience and optimize the contact center

AI in the contact center

Our proprietary AI engine manages intentions and devices, and links them to user questions by using sophisticated technology to process languages. A combination of synonyms, parts of speech, spell checker and clarity algorithms ensure that the user receives the very best response possible. Everything happens automatically, behind the scenes and works without the necessity of rules and algorithms being adjusted.

Telia ACE for AI and automatios

Expert consulting to improve your everyday needs

We care about your business

Would you like to send information about operational disturbances to your customers? Or perhaps advertisements or a self-service link as a text message? We can help you with all kinds of applications and best practices, as well as create new, value adding solutions together with you.

Quality management

How come so many customers call us on Fridays? Why do they sound angry when they have questions about invoices? What is the best way to start and end the conversations, and do the agents follow the guidelines? We help you to create a good structure for quality management that will generate business value and make life easier for both the agent and the customer.

Safe and secure  

A successful implementation of a system for workforce management requires that the user gets to know how the system works, and that it is used to support the goals and challenges of the organization. Our consultants will assist with everything from the big picture to the little configuration details that make a huge difference for effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

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