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Telia ACE Nordic Roadshow 2022

Visit the Telia ACE roadshow 2022 event in Copenhagen

Telia ACE and friends

The Telia ACE Nordic Roadshow is an event for our ACE Friends, those who already know us and those who whish to know more before taking the plunge to the Nordic market leader in CCaaS. Missed it? Join our session in Copenhagen and don’t forget to sign up for the 2023 Telia ACE Nordic Roadshow.

The Copenhagen session from start to finish


0:00Intro with Mads Stallknecht and Fredrik Lemming, Telia 
0:09Industry trends with Mathias Johansson, Teliapdf
0:37Chatbot and automation, Nicklas Mattsson, Byggnads 
1:04All about CX, Jessica Strömberg and friends, Teliapdf
1:26Workitem and smart routing, Tor Egil Gautneb, Gjensidigepdf
1:48Exciting insights with Interaction Analytics, Johanna Bernshed, Resurspdf
2:14ACE product news and roadmap, Hans Nahringbauer, Teliapdf
2:38Automation and self-service success factors, Emma Berglund, Teliapdf
3:00Survey wrapup and thanks, Fredrik Lemming, Telia

Bonus clip: Anna & Dzuan on WFM self scheduling

Bonus clip: Anna & Viktoria, Interaction Analytics webinar