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Calabrio WFM

Workforce management made easy

Optimal staffing at all times

Staff who sit idle are an unnecessary cost, and conversely, understaffing leads to excessive waiting times. Both problems can cost the business dearly. With the help of Telia ACE open interfaces for staffing optimization, it is easy to use all the data available in the system to staff correctly. The right information is a prerequisite for optimizing for both service and costs.

Telia is a partner with Calabrio (formerly Teleopti) and Telia ACE has a ready-made adapter for their WFM (work force management) that includes everything you need to optimize staffing, staff, and customer service throughout your business. Calabrio WFM is in our cloud just like Telia ACE.

About Calabrio WFM

In short
  • Use all available data
  • Optimize for service and costs
  • Cloud-based service

Market-leading tool – integrated and ready in ACE

Telia provides staffing planning tools through ready-made integration with Calabrio. Data from agent and queue statistics in Telia ACE is mapped against functions in Calabrio Teleopti WFM to make forecasts and create personnel schedules that meet needs. 

Available features include:

Forecasting and planning – Enables strategic staffing and long-term planning

Schedule Management – Streamline daily scheduling workflows

Flexible tools for optimization – Easy to meet changing staffing needs

Employee mobility, self-service – Get everyone engaged, wherever they are

More about Calabrio

More about Calabrio, software features and how their staffing planning works can be found at  (opens in new tab).

The agent’s own logon schedule.
Report with forecast of call volumes and processing times and the outcome to follow up on accuracy.
The team leader’s or administrator’s view of the team schedule and how it relates to the “Demo” forecast and its planned staffing.

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