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Launch of ACE 21 with simplified Messenger interactions and Azure AD SSO

  • 1 min read

Today we release version 21 of Telia ACE. As usual the update adds a number of new features and enhancements.

For organisations using Microsoft Azure Active Directory in the cloud, life just got a little bit easier. Telia ACE 21 clients support user synchronization and single sign on using Azure AD.

Thanks to continued development of our modular ACE Conversational Hub concept it is now simple to manage interactions in Facebook Messenger, both for bots and live agents with mutual handover. The live agent manages Messenger conversations conveniently as regular chats in ACE Interact.

ACE Knowledge gets updates to benefit both end users and content editors. A new Portal interface built on the flexible One Widget framework is released and in the admin tool the workflows for content quality assurance are expanded with new functionality.