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ACE Survey

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ACE Survey is a smart survey tool that helps you measure customer satisfaction and deliver better service.

”Municipalities that are successful in their customer meetings will, in addition to bringing diwn their costs, be able to build a strong brand, both as an employer an as a place to live”, says André Hagberg, Head of Department, Järfälla Municipality

A clear picture of the customer’s experience

ACE Survey gives you the option to gather information about how customers perceived their interaction with you. It provides a chance to measure customer responses to factors like customer treatment and service, for example. An automated customer survey conducted in conjunction with an interaction generates reliable answers and offers useful feedback on the customer’s experience.

Customized survey

Choose how the customer responds to the survey, for example by phone, online or via a link after a completed chat or email. It is simple to customize the online survey to match your organization’s graphic form and logotype.

Clear overview

You manage and formulate the questions in a user-friendly graphical interface. The answers are presented on a web page where it is easy to analyze the survey responses. You also have the possibility of linking the survey responses to, for example, the agent who answered the call or the call waiting time.

The agent can immediately see customer responses as to how they have experienced the service right in ACE Agent. Consequently, they receive continuous feedback on what their customers appreciate and how they can develop in their role.

Useful for more

In addition to being a superb tool for customer surveys, ACE Survey can be used for a great deal more in your organization, for example employee surveys, product surveys or even invitations to the Christmas party.

Easy for the customer

Research shows that it is difficult and costly to make a satisfied customer even more satisfied. The best way to improve the customer experience is therefore to focus on making it as easy as possible for dissatisfied customers to have their issue resolved in their initial contact. More and more people choose to measure “simplicity” with the question “How easy was it to have your case resolved?”. This is termed Customer Effort Score.

Satisfied customers give a boost

ACE Interact enables the agent to receive instant feedback after completing a customer contact. This also opens up the option for individual-level coaching and variable pay coupled to c

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