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A smarter web experience for members of Handels trade union

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The Swedish trade union Handelsanställdas förbund (Handels) wanted their new web to strengthen their brand further and make it easier for visitors to find the right information and get issues solved. Together with Telia’s CX consultants Elin Olsson and Malin Örnberg they translated the demands to a technical solution that delivers intuitive, seamless, and safe customer journeys for both members and the public.

Fredrik Säterli works as a communicator at Handels, and he tells us that the goal of the new website was to promote the value of a membership, increase the number of members and to strengthen the self-service options. They also needed a solution to give everybody an intuitive experience on the site, with some services only available to logged in union members.

Fredrik Säterli, communications specialist and self-service advocate at Handels trade union.

Many of our members are young and have grown up in a digital world. They are used to search for information on the web or via a chatbot, and to quickly find the answer they are looking for. Therefore, it was important for us to complement traditional counseling and member service over the phone with digital self-service options“.

A change journey with new technology and ways of working

Together with Telia’s CX consultants Elin Olsson and Malin Örnberg, the team at Handels designed a new concept for the website and My pages. They explored needs and specified requirements for the solution in an initial workshop. Fredrik says that the thorough preparations were very useful and key to the project running smoothly and taking them to the right place.

Malin and Elin have been amazingly supportive throughout the project. Not least by helping us understand what the technology requires of us humans, and what steps we need to take to succeed with the journey of change.

Fredrik states that it is not enough to simply introduce new technology, but that you need to work actively with it over time for it to create value. That means that the staff who manage the tools need to have time for the new tasks, rather than piling them on top of their ordinary job.

We have received great help in educating our staff on how to think when they work in the interface“, says Fredrik.

Reaching the target

To accomplish the goals set up in the initial work, Handels implemented the AI powered knowledgebase ACE Knowledge and a chatbot to present the content. The solution allows members to find answers to their questions and enables user friendly self-service. To fill the smart database with the right content, Handels’ counselors and member service staff contributed with the knowledge about which questions are most frequently asked. As more information is added to ACE Knowledge it becomes easier for both Handels’ members and staff to find the right information.

We got assistance in how to categorize the most common questions to make it intuitive. The collaboration with Elin and Malin and the rest of the Telia team has been great and given us the best possible conditions to succeed.

Read more about ACE Knowledge here.

Want to know more about Handels? Check out their website and ask Charlie the chatbot a question at

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