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Tools for free speach

  • 3 min read

Surveys show that about 70% of people prefer to speak rather than press buttons. Here you have an IVR that also understands when the customer describes the issue using his or her own words.

Easy to find your way

If necessary, the IVR asks a follow-up question, and the system then routes the call to the right agent or self-service solution. The customer avoids having to navigate through difficult menus, and it is the job of the system to understand the customer rather than the customer’s task to figure out how to find the right menu choices.

Satisfaction builds brans

Using the customer’s issue, or errand, as the basis, the customer is immediately routed to an available agent with the right skill, rather than being transferred from one agent to the next. The issue gets resolved quicker and with a higher level of quality, which leads to a better customer experience and a positive brand image. In addition to enhancing customer satisfaction, it also results in you optimizing your internal resources and experienced staff can devote themselves to more advanced issues.

Hyvää pääivää

Telia is the first to introduce linguistic understanding for all of the Nordic languages. Our solution is based on dependable experience and expertise and is driven by a curiosity about what might be possible in the future.

Say hello to online services

Free speech makes it possible to offer self-service in your online channels. Customers who use this service have noticed a 25% reduction in customer service issues.

New to the job?

Many begin their journey with free speech by distinguishing between simple and difficult issues. You can route a certain type of call to staff in customer service with less experience, which facilitates on-site training and for holiday workers.

What does your customer really want?

With the help of free speech, it is possible to identify all the unique issues that your customers express when they contact you. Customize the behaviour of each task type with unique messages, routing, or services.

Expertise for every contact

Precise, task-based call routing allows you to optimize matching between the customer’s issue and the skill of the agent. Employee satisfaction rises measurably once the agent can react as an expert each time rather than forwarding call after call.

Friction-free growth

Free speech transfers responsibility for the customer reaching the right agent from the customer to you. You can change your organization and processes without the risk of the customer going down the wrong path. Free speech offers both more efficient call routing and maximum flexibility for business development.

Swift help in an instant

Free speech allows you to identify what the customer wants at the initial contact and immediately offer the right service or expertise. Customers who receive the right help will be satisfied and task time will decrease. Customer service staff avoid having to look up information, ask colleagues for help or forward calls.

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