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The Swedish Transport Agency stays at the forefront with Telia ACE

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As previously reported,  the Swedish Transport Agency has recently signed a major agreement for communication services with Telia. The agreement, which was signed after a procurement with tough requirements for functionality and security, covers six years with an option for extending. This means, among other things, that Telia continues to deliver and develop Telia ACE to the agency.

The Swedish Transport Agency has long been at the forefront of delivering a good customer experience and was one of the very first authorities to introduce voice-controlled self-service. Already in 1999, the authority used voice recognition in to identify license plate numbers in the customer’s inquiry. Around 2007 they became the first organization (outside Telia) to build a solution with “free speech” in their IVR.

With the new agreement in place, we will continue to work together to develop the Swedish Transport Agency’s customer meeting with today’s and tomorrow’s services in current and new channels.

Questions about the ACE part of the contract can be answered by Per Åkerman, specialist sales executive, or Fredrik Medén, contract manager.

The Swedish Transport Agency is a government agency with approximately 2000 employees distributed in 13 locations around the country. Each year, approximately 15-20% of the agency’s 100 million contacts are handled on the Telia ACE platform.

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