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Telia ACE on the move in Finland

  • 2 min read

During first half of 2021, Telia ACE has passed several major milestones in Finland. Most importantly, we have signed contracts with 35 new customers. A significant increase and an effect of advancing our positions in the Finnish market for contact center solutions.

– It is really exciting to see how we grow and move to a new place in the Finnish market. From delivering simple solutions, we now win deals based on strengths such as scalability, development and innovation, says Per Åkerman, Sales Coach Telia ACE Finland.

It is a determined effort to increase our visibility and presence in Finland that is now showing results. In this effort, a number of factors work together.

The most important key factor is that Telia has knowledgeable and Finnish-speaking staff available close to the customers. They can drive our successful model, being an active partner in all parts of the customer journey. From marketing and educating about the ACE platform to signing contracts, delivery, support and fine-tuning our customers’ business.

Another contributing factor is the framework agreement for the public sector signed with Hansel, the Finnish joint procurement authority, last year. This has resulted in many new customers and business.
Another public customer is Kymsote, the joint municipal authority for social and health services in Kymenlaakso. Read more about how Telia ACE and multichannel communication supports their business on the ACE blog.

A third element is about local adaptation of our products and support for the Finnish language. For example, our agent tool, ACE Interact, is available with interface in Finnish. Another is that Google Dialogflow, which we can use as an integral part of AI-driven customer flows and conversational self-service, now understands Finnish.