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ACE Release 27.0.2

Operator functionality in ACE Interact

November 10, 2023

New and updated features

Operators are a user group that need fast functionality for their main work task, that is finding persons and queues in the organization and transferring calls.
ACE Interact 27.0.2 adds a special operator mode of the search/call card in ACE Interact, specifically tailored for operators and their workflow. The operator instantly gets all the information they need in one card and much of the functionality can be managed using fast keyboard shortcuts.
Features of the extended Search/Call card for operators include:

  • Details of selected person always visible
  • Presence for selected person always visible
  • Today’s activities for selected person always visible
  • Information boxes with call information on Primary and Secondary ongoing (or about to be placed) call. Info can be presented on both caller and called party (via automatic search)
  • Free text notes, “Operator information” on people and queues, allows for easy saving and retrieval of “good to know” info
  • Focus placed in Search field directly when answering an incoming call to be ready for searching
  • Special numpad keyboard commands for the operator

New operator specific numpad keyboard commands improves ergonomics and creates smooth workflows.

Using ACE Interact in operator mode requires a license and the required access function applied to the role of your user account.