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Release 22.2

Release 22.2 adds extra functionality to ACE Interact.

ACE 22 has something for everyone. For example, the agent gets better directory searches and more control over storage rules. The administrator and coach get several small improvements for easier and more efficient operation and the content editor in ACE Knowledge gets smoother workflows. The end user, our customers’ customers, get easier booking and rescheduling of callback appointments as well as a better video chat.

All adding up to real world customer experience improvements.

New and updated features

New major functions in ACE Interact

Personal and broadcast internal messages

The possibility to send internal messages within ACE is an appreciated way to communicate easily and quickly with colleagues in the contact center. Agents who previously have used the desktop client ACE Agent will already be familiar with this functionality which now has been made available in ACE Interact. Conversations are viewed in the “Messages” card and agents may initiate new conversations from both the Messages card and the Search/call card. Conversations are saved during a session.

A new feature allows agents with permission (access function execute send message to all) to broadcast messages to all logged in colleagues in the agent’s own organization area. This way, important and urgent information can be shared efficiently in the organization.

Visual cues highlight if there are unread messages and also distinguish clearly between broadcast and personal messages.

Send SMS directly from Search/Call card

Sometimes a short text is the best way to get your message through. Now it’s possible for agents to send an SMS directly from the Search/Call card in ACE Interact. The feature is available when the expanded contact record has a mobile phone number, and the agent has the right permission (access function execute send sms).

Powerful catalog search for Mitel CMG

The search function just got better. To make it easier to find just the right contact in large organizations that use Mitel CMG, it is now possible to filter and refine your search by adding specific data fields to the Search/Call card.

Combine name and number with information like city or department to quickly find the contact you’re looking for.

Automatic catalog search for incoming redirected calls

Operators in a large organization can receive a lot of redirected calls, when colleagues are busy or unable to answer their phones. Manually looking up the extension that was called originally is a tedious task. ACE Interact 22.2 makes an automatic catalog search for the requested number and the result is presented to the operator before picking up. This way a time-consuming search step can be skipped and the operator can help the caller faster and more efficiently.


Compatible version of other components

  • ACE ClusterWare 21.0.0 or newer
  • ACE Database 22.2.0 or newer
  • ACE Edge Node 21.0.0 with Patch-458 applied (or newer Edge Node versions)
  • ACE ScreenPop 12.0.0 or newer
  • ACE Main Server 22.2.0 or newer