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Release 18

ACE Release 18 is here with updates to improve functionality and customer experience.

New and updated features

News in ACE Coach

  • Manage opening hours for entrances and menu choices in IVR
  • Manage opening hours for chat, calls, callbacks and email
  • Manage opening hours for exception days
  • Emergency overrides of opening hours
  • Opening hours automatically updated and presented on web in ACE One Widget, ACE Online Widgets, ACE Web SDK and ACE Conversational API
  • Powerful and easy-to-use filtering and search make navigating complex setups a breeze
  • Visual comparison of exception days and regular opening hours

Launch of ACE Recording G2

ACE Recording G2 is fully integrated into ACE and incorporates many usability improvements compared to the current version. ACE Recording and ACE Recording G2 contains a slightly different set of features and it’s optional which solution to use.

  • Manage all archived interactions – including recorded calls, chats, SMS and emails etc. – in ACEInteract
    • Search for all medias in one easy-to-use graphical interface
    • Listen to recordings in ACE Interact​
    • Manage storage rules in ACE Admin​
    • Manage access control in ACE Admin and ACE Coach
    • All business data for all medias
  • Configure which agents to be recorded
  • Supports recording of incoming calls to the contact center via Touchpoint Plus/ACE Voice
  • A standard opt in/opt out mechanism for handling Customer consent for call recordings . Set via parameter recordingConsentDefault in System parameter tab Other.​
  • Rules for storage times and automatic deletion of recordings based on IVR selection errand or free speech errand classification
  • Storage in AWS on three redundant sites in Sweden
    • Encrypted storage of recorded calls​
    • Encryption in transfer
  • Stereo recording for easier separation of agent and caller

Introducing ACE One Widget for the online contact center and ACE Knowledge

One Widget builds on a new technology stack and replaces current floating and inline widgets in ACE Knowledge. It gets easier to build sleek online customer journeys and build “visual IVRs” to accomplish powerful contact deflection. The customer specifies her query through a visual menu tree and context is used to present relevant, actionable information or self-service. Done right, many simple issues may be resolved without the need of an agent.

  • Fully integrated real time queue time status for contact channels in ACE to help the user choose the best path
  • Fully integrated with opening hours for contact channels in ACE
  • The following contact channels are available in ACE One Widget
    • Email form
    • Chat
    • Phone
    • Callback
    • Web service – possible to submit form in three MIME formats
    • Free text – present text information to the user
    • Adapter – for custom Javascript
    • Link – present URL to user
  • Modular mobile first design
  • Improved responsivity with Media Queries resulting in perfect adjustment to different devices and screen sizes
  • Templates based on best practice
  • Powerful customisation using JSON Config for controlling position and behaviour of different widget elements. For example control when and where you want the search field to appear.
  • CSS is separated from widget configuration for easier styling and adjustment of look and feel
  • One Widget is WCAG 2.1 AA compliant (Web Accessibility Content Guidelines) to make sure that Knowledge content is accessible for users with disabilities
  • Includes ACE Knowledge Component API – base for how widget components are rendered​
  • Includes ACE Knowledge Widget Orchestration API – interface for the orchestration framework that manages widgets, plugins and configuration​

Facebook and Messenger communication in ACE Interact

New card in ACE Interact for managing Facebook and Messenger communication. Full message routing including media blending, queueing and parking.

Perform actions on queued or archived interactions in ACE Interact

Perform operations on all types of archived or queued interactions

  • Place a call
  • Send SMS
  • Send email
  • Forward email
  • Close email
  • Delete interaction (requires special access permission)

Storage of outbound SMS in ACE Interaction View

  • Storage of interaction data with SMS
  • Configure storage rules in ACE Admin
  • Export of outbound SMS via ACE InteractionView interface
Minor updates

Automatic anonymisation of data in ACE Survey (17)

This update makes it easier to comply to GDPR and other privacy regulations and policies.

  • The system can be configured to automatically delete personal information, i.e. phone numbers and IP addresses, from the database after a configurable number of days. Anonymisation can also be applied to free text fields if required
  • Security improvements to further protect forms and admin interface against malicious code
  • Updated visuals and naming aligned to the current ACE portfolio

Extended telephony switch compatibility

Server based CTI support for Avaya Aura switch.

Camera toggle in ACE Video Chat

The user can now toggle between cameras on their device, e.g. front and back cameras on a smartphone. Useful for switching between conversation face to face and showing the agent something of interest.

Minor update in ACE Interact

Beta support for running ACE Interact in Chromium based Microsoft Edge Browser (version number 79 and above).

Video chat support for Edge Chromium based browser

Users connecting using the Chromium based Microsoft Edge browser (version number 79 and above) are able to user the video chat functionality. The platform auto detects browser and decides if this feature is available.

Extended global reach

Assuring service quality and availability in Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.

Minor news in ACE Admin

See short names for all contact data keys, in case the names are in a foreign language.

Stability, performance and robustness improvements

  • Enhanced load balancing feature in Telia ACE cloud environment
  • Automatic connection redistribution when reaching node limits to prevent unexpected overload of nodes
  • Connect ACE Core to redundant sites – possible to upgrade a cluster without service downtime or blocking the system for user access
In this image clusters have three nodes but in reality they have many more nodes to handle massive loads through multiple redundancy.

Overview description

To use the new functionality in Telia ACE 18.0 you need latest version of each respective sub product.

The following versions of ACE clients are compatible with ACE 18.0:

  • ACE Adminfrom version 13.0.0
  • ACE Coach from version 16.0.0
  • CallGuide Agent / ACE Agent from version 9.0.0
  • CallGuide Pulse / ACE Pulse from version 9.0.0
  • CallGuide Report / ACE Report from version 11.0.0
  • CallGuide Edge Agent / ACE Interact from version 10.1.7
  • CallGuide Edge Pulse / ACE Monitor from version 11.0.0

Functionality and limitations in Telia ACE open interfaces is described in Release Notes Open Interfaces and the Interface specification document for each interface.

Dependencies and version support is described in:

  • Overall release notes for Telia ACE 18.0.
  • Release notes for the various sub products.
  • Site Environment Requirements documents.