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Talkamatic TDM

Next generation of user centric conversational AI

Next generation conversational AI

TDM from Talkamatic has built-in support for many of the dialog types that are making us humans so successful in communication towards a common goal. This enables Conversational AI far beyond the Voice-control and QnA like dialogs that we are learning to use today.

TDM does for example support instructional dialogs, dialog search, and educational dialogs. TDM also has support for a number of general language phenomena that otherwise would have needed to be programmed.

By having access to TDM through Telia ACE these advance dialog functionalities can be combined with your preferred ACE-solutions to create an even more user-friendly Conversational AI and open up for new valuable use cases.

About Talkamatic TDM

In short
  • Build instructional dialogs adapted to your users
  • Powerful dialog search in large datasets
  • Manage and switch between topics in parallel dialogs

Instructional dialogs

This example shows an instructional dialog for recipes adapting to the user’s needs. Other use cases for instructional dialog can be troubleshooting your router, replacing a lightbulb in your car, or mounting your new furniture. Perfect to prepare a customer while waiting for human assistance, or to avoid the human service completely.

Dialog search

Here we present how our incremental search functions supports the user in finding one person in a database from Eniro containing millions of phone numbers. Dialog search can of course be used in combination with other dialog features and is equally effective when searching for a specific piece of clothing, a weekend journey, or a needle in a haystack.

Educational dialogs

This educational dialog is taken from a cooperation with Helsingborg Stad around SFI (Swedish for immigrants) education. The possibility to create education and training based on the the user’s needs and knowledge level has a big value in many different fields.

Topic switching

For humans it is natural to switch topics and at a later stage return to the previous dialog. TDM can keep track of multiple conversations and help the user not losing context. This is an example where we, in a unique way, use multiple voices to help the user keep track of the different conversations. Some of the dialogs are developed in cooperation with Volvo, Ericsson and Veoneer, hence the driver related dialog topics.

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