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Send tailored, helpful SMS directly from the speech response

The helpful speech response.

With IVR SMS, it is easy to automatically send help or information, adapted to the customer’s case, directly from the voice response. The customer gets help right away instead of waiting in line for a free agent. And the agents get fewer calls with the same basic questions.

The service works both for speech responses where the customer navigates with tone selection and for solutions where the case type is identified based on free speech.

For example, the customer has moved and is calling in to update their address. The case can be identified as “change of address” either via tone selection or in free speech and the customer is offered an SMS with link to forms on the web where they can solve the case themselves. Quick and smooth service simply.


In short
  • Offer relevant help already in the speech response
  • Save time for customers and agents
  • Proactive ”call deflection”

Effective call deflection when needed

IVR SMS can also be used to handle specific load peaks to customer service. For example, in the event of a service interruption, the system may offer to send a link to a status page where the customer can get updated information instead of talking to an agent. An effective form of call deflection.

Features selection

  • Offer SMS from voice responses for case types identified by tone selection or free speech
  • Choose whether SMS ends the call or is sent while the customer waits in line
  • Send SMS directly from speech response
  • Send SMS to numbers waiting in queue
  • Content and timing to offer SMS is configured, along with the rest of the voice response flow, in the ACE Admin admin administrator tool

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