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Interaction View API

Shared data for analytics and business development

Move and store your most important data

Ace API against Interaction View enables you to export content and data from interactions. This makes information from Interaction View available to other systems for storage, search, and analysis. A common application is to move information about customer interactions to CRM systems if, for example, you want to long-term store the content there.

About Interaction View API

In short
  • Move and store important data
  • Make information available to other systems

Interaction View API and interaction types

The interface is an open data model in Microsoft SQL Server and a transport function for copying Interaction View data to an external database.

  • Basic telephony and incoming call-to-speech capabilities
  • Callback (outgoing callback call)
  • Dialer (outgoing campaign call)
  • Email (incoming email) and “Workitems”
  • Chat (incoming)

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