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Interaction Analytics

Find patterns, underlying causes, and drive improvement

Visualize and understand the interactions

Using the Interaction Analytics tool, you can use each interaction to work on the customer meeting of the future. To help you, you have, among other things, word clouds and graphs that make it easy to see what is happening in the conversations, what is trending, what stands out and you can connect keywords and phrases.

Here you take the helicopter perspective and see relationships that affect customer relationship and satisfaction. For example, a new trend in customer service calls can provide a clue about a technical problem or an open possibility to act proactively in customer communication.

With an overview of what is said in your interactions and why, you can better understand the needs of your customers here and now. It will be possible to act and make communication more proactive, which in the long run gives more satisfied customers and more satisfied employees.

About Interaction Analytics

In short
  • Gain valuable insight into what is said and how it is said
  • Find patterns and identify root causes
  • Work data-driven to improve customer meeting

Analyze for insights

Interaction Analytics is a smart tool that makes it possible to analyze large amounts of data and extract insights from all your interactions. We use a partner product with a ready-made adapter for Telia ACE and it is in our cloud just like ACE.  

Learn more about Nexidia Interaction Analytics at

  • Configurable word clouds – visualizes volumes, what is said, who says it, emotions, etc.
  • Automatic trend overview – proactive analysis
  • “Sentiment analysis” – shows positive and negative emotions
  • “Related phrases” – shows relationship between utterances

News, insights, tips and inspiration

Our customers continue to transform their customer service experience with Telia ACE from simplifying customer service to making public transport easy and winning awards for excellent customer service throughout the Nordics. Dive into their stories and explore their journeys from challenges to practical strategies that improved both customer and agent experience using Interaction Analytics.

Interaction Analytics for a data driven organization

Anna Ekblom Romu works as an Interaction Analytics specialist at Telia and helps our customers get started with the tool. She says that the participants that start exploring the system quickly get drawn into the numbers and enter a state where it’s hard to contact them. “For a person who starts usin…

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Resurs works smarter with Interaction Analytics

Every year Resurs’s customer service takes one and a half million calls in four different languages. Johanna Bernshed and her colleagues use speech to text to find the truth about why the customers are calling and what takes place during the call. “We don’t just collect data, we turn it into v…

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