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Google Dialogflow

Build world-class conversational interfaces

Market-leading AI under the hood

Dialogflow, a google cloud service, makes it possible to build text and voice interfaces that communicate naturally with users and understand their needs. The strength lies in the understanding of language, so-called natural language understanding (NLU) market-leading speech recognition and speech synthesis. ACE customers can use this strength, for example, in chatbots and voice response solutions.

With our turnkey integration with Google Dialogflow, you can bring your voice and text bots with you and easily connect them with ACE for, for example, seamless handover to agent. This applies to those who are already using Dialogflow.

If you want to use a complete solution for virtual agents across all channels, take a closer look at our ACE Virtual Agent offering based on Google Contact Center AI where Dialogflow is one of the cornerstones.

About Google Dialogflow

In short
  • Build interfaces that communicate naturally and understand the user
  • Connect with ACE for a seamless transition
  • Market-leading speech recognition and speech synthesis

Detailed information, case studies and documentation can be found at  (opens in new tab).


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