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Errand log

Powerful add-on for manual or automatic categorization

Categorize with quality

Do you need more detailed categorization and follow-up of the cases you handle? Do you find it difficult to classify errands, or do you want to analyze your different entrances? In that case, the Errand Log tool is for you.

With case logging, you quickly and easily build up log forms, i.e. trees of detailed selections that can be used by administrators to categorize and log their cases. You can also build several different log forms, which you then connect to a large one. Each log form is built in different levels where available selections at each level depend on the selection made at the levels above.

Case logging allows you to optimize case management, break down cases, and identify unwanted contact patterns.

You can also export the outcomes through a REST interface, which can be useful for monitoring and analysis, for example.

About Errand log

In short
  • Simple but powerful case categorization
  • Easy for the agent to click in during interaction
  • Facilitates analysis and follow-up

Features selection

  • Simple web interface for configuring log trees
  • Multilevel logging
  • Log options at each level depend on the previous selection in the tree
  • Outcome linked to ongoing contact
  • Manual export of log outcomes in CSV format
  • Different log trees can be combined into one whole

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