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Integrate ACE with surveys from Brilliant

Collect all survey mailings from the entire organization

Our ready-made adapter for Brilliant’s survey tool makes it easy for companies to collect survey mailings from different sources throughout the organization and contact centers in the same engine.

With our adapter, Telia ACE sends the relevant data to Brilliant so that the right questionnaire can be sent to the right customer after the end of the call with the administrator.

For follow-up, selected contact data can be sent along to provide the opportunity to connect Telia ACE statistics and Brilliant.

About Brilliant

In short
  • Combine Brilliant’s surveys with the strength of ACE
  • The right questionnaire is sent to the right customer after contact
  • Match the answers right down to the agent level

Surveys that produce results

Do you want to know what your customers think and what creates loyalty? How do you act on your customer insights today? To get started with your customer survey, Brilliant sets a common goal and with the help of performance analyses and workshops, they lead you towards the goal – step by step. By bringing the knowledge back to the right place in the organization, the company develops towards full customer focus. Gradually, you are getting better at delivering the right value to each customer. Every day, month, and year.

Features selection

  • Integration point between ACE and Brilliant
  • Maps questionnaires down to the agent’s level
  • ACE decides when to send the questionnaires
  • Set up which calls are to be sent a questionnaire in ACE IVR
  • Calls involving more than one agent are filtered out. In this way, surveys can be followed up at agent level with correct results
  • Filter so that calls below a certain length do not generate a questionnaire

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