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Give your chatbot natural language skills

Intgrate with market-leading bots is one of the market-leading virtual agent platforms in the Nordic region with advanced AI capabilities and an easy-to-work developer interface. If you use today and want an integrated overall solution together with ACE, this is the feature for you.

With this integration, you are offered an easy-to-configure chatbot widget for publishing of your bot on your website with built-in support for handover to agent for live chat. You also get access to features that show opening hours, queue times and the possibility of easy configuration of case management via available contact routes.

For those of you who currently use ACE Knowledge, it is possible to use guides in the knowledge base in a bot as well as the possibility to use as an integral part of your ACE Knowledge implementation for the online customer meeting.

Bots working together

If you currently use the ACE Chatbot, you can combine it with in the same end user interface (widget) on your website.

As an additional service, it is also possible to voice control your bot for use in the IVR.

In future versions, we will also be able to offer customers to use together with ACE in social media channels, also there with the possibility of handover to agent.


In short
  • Seamless flows between and ACE
  • Combine bots to build the self-service of the future – today
  • Give your speech comprehension and let it work in the IVR

Detailed information, case studies and documentation can be found at  (opens in new tab).

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