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Authenticate each contact

Flexible authentication in all interactions

BankID enables companies, organizations and authorities to identify and enter into agreements with private individuals on the Internet. BankID is an electronic ID document comparable to passports, driving licenses and other physical identification documents. With our adapter, secure authentication can be included in the customer flows you build in ACE.

About BankID

In short
  • Save time by identifying already in the speech response 
  • Easy for the agent to let the customer identify themselves 
  • Easy to archive and analyze authentications 

Reduce errand time

Getting started with BankID is an easy process and you choose which way is right for your organization. 

With speech response detection, the case time at the administrator decreases while opening the door to new self-serve services, directly in the IVR, on the web or in the app – services that may not previously have beeen possible to offer customers. 

Flexible solution

If you choose the option to identify the customer by the agent, you will get a flexible solution that will be less dependent on the channel chosen by the customer. You can have the customer on a call, perhaps in an active chat contact, a campaign call, or why not a callback call. Either way, it’s easy for the agent to identify the customer through an easy-to-work web interface. 

Optionally, you can save all successful detections to ACE central interaction stores. Then you get a close look at all identified customers and the interactions are easily available for search.

Safe and secure

  • Telia follows BankID Relying Party Guidelines 
  • Certificates installed encrypted with passwords 
  • All system changes and successful detections are logged in the audit trail. 

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