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ACE Workitem API

Create, control and follow up tasks

Manage everything in Telia ACE

With ACE Workitem API you can take advantage of Telia ACE’s opportunities for prioritization, queue management and forward management of virtually any task. It doesn’t have to be an incoming contact, but can be an alarm, a store event, a case, or an event on another system.

By integrating Telia ACE with, for example, CRM systems, cases can be allocated in the same way as calls and chats and you get the opportunity to staff agents/agents for these cases in the same way as incoming contacts. Information from connected devices, IoT, can also be directed to a receiver with the right skills in real time. It can be, for example, elevator alarms or villa alarms, so-called e-tasks.

About ACE Workitem API

In short
  • Manage tasks such as e-task quickly and efficiently
  • Scalable to handle really large volumes
  • Open formats provide great flexibility in where and how to create e-tasks

Manage more than just interactions

By managing cases, issues and events through the Workitem API, it is possible to leverage the strengths of ACE to route and distribute tasks in real time and get detailed statistics to track performance and optimize flows.

A selection of functions and features

  • A “workitem” is a universal XML-based object that can be managed by ACE, provided with data from different sources, and contain a task to be handled by a person with the right skills
  • Scalable, robust and manages large volumes
  • In Workitem, you can send a link to the object you want to control, such as a document or case. For example, when a case in a CRM system is directed up to the agent in ACE Interact, the case can be automatically popped in the CRM system. See more in ACE Screen Pop API
  • Creates and controls objects based on analysis of the content
  • Customize which workitem business data to display to the agent in ACE Interact
  • Workitem is stored in ACE InteractionView in the same way as e-mails and other interactions

Some examples of available commands

  • AddWorkItem – you can create e-tasks for example cases, IoT, social media
  • GetContactId – retrieve a unique identifier in Telia ACE that can be used, for example, as a reference in your CRM system to link the interaction in Telia ACE with the case in your CRM system
  • UpdateContactData – Add business data to accompany the agent
  • CloseWorkItem – makes it possible to close an e-task that has not yet been directed to the agent

Please contact us for full API specifications.

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