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ACE Virtual agent

With the power pf Google CCAI

A new kind of employee

With ACE Virtual Agent, you take your customer experience to the next level. Let the best AI on the market answer customers’ most frequently asked questions or help them with self-service for routine business. When needed, the virtual agent forwards the call to the right agent and all relevant history comes with it. The result is a better experience for both your customers and your employees.  

ACE Virtual Agent allows you to set up once and then put it to work in all channels, both text and voice based. Let it meet and converse with your customers to help them in chat with text or in regular phone calls. In short, where and when it suits the customer best and with the same response and quality regardless of channel. 

About ACE Virtual agent

In short
  • Based on Google’s market-leading AI
  • A better experience for both customer and agent
  • The same logic can be reused in different channels for voice and text

Listens, speaks and understands

ACE Virtual Agent is an integral part of ACE that builds on Google Contact Center AI and communicates with the other components of the ACE platform using ace conversational hub.  

ACE Virtual Agent can be implemented as part of a complete solution with the rest of the ACE suite or as a standalone complement to your customer service.  

As one of a few partners globally, and the only one in the Nordic region, we at Telia can offer these features to our customers as an integral part of ACE.

What is CCAI?

CCAI, Contact Center AI, is part of Google Cloud and consists of three main applications built on their AI technology.

Learn more about CCAI on  (opens in new tab).

  • Better self-serve service with Virtual Agent. Meet customers with text and speech, 24/7  
  • Better human help with Agent Assist, which interprets the conversation and helps agents with real-time information and suggestions  
  • Better understanding of your customers with Insights who find trends and draw conclusions from interaction data

Key features

Uses Google’s market-leading technology to speech recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language comprehension

Create automated conversations in text (chatbot) and speech (voicebot) and reuse dialog flows, trained intentions, and system integrations across all your channels

Create individual self-service services or build your entire customer input with Virtual Agent — on the web or in the voice response

  • Ready-made integrations to draw knowledge from ACE Knowledge to answer questions
  • Ready-made integrations for customer identification with, for example, Mobile BankID
  • Real-time translation capability (add-on service)

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