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ACE Video

Personalized and easy video service

A more personalized meeting with video

Video calls and video chat in customer service are becoming increasingly popular. The meeting becomes more personal, and sometimes it makes it easier to show what something looks like. In our solution, it is possible to embed video in your app or web and the agent can start video from an ongoing chat.

Video is an integral part of ACE omnichannel offering and video calls are controlled just like other contacts in the agent’s tool, ACE Interact. It is also possible to confirm the customer’s identity via mobile bank ID.

ACE Video uses the standard WebRTC technology, which is built into all browsers, on all types of devices. This makes it easy for both customer and agent. Video in ACE requires no installation, special app or plugin and fixes screen sharing and multiparty video when needed.

About ACE Video

In short
  • More personal meetings  
  • Integral part of ACE  
  • Uses standard technology built into all browsers  

Key features

  • Runs in browsers on all devices through the default WebRTC protocol. Works in all modern browsers
  • All standard ACE policies, such as routing, administration, reporting, intent detection, identification also apply to video
  • Start video in ongoing text chat
  • The visitor to the web can start video calls in one click
  • The customer can choose which camera to use on the device and thus switch between showing themselves or something that the conversation concerns
  • Easy to embed on your website
  • Easy to integrate into your app to give customers the opportunity to start a video conversation even there
  • The agent can forward, reposition in line, or invite more participants in an ongoing conversation by sending a link via email or SMS. It works for both text chat and video calls
  • The agent is helped to identify the participants by name and color coding, both during the call and the finishing
The agent handles the call directly in the usual working tool, ACE Interact.  
At the other end, it’s easy because the call doesn’t require a specific app or software. 

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