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In some cases, an SMS, or 10,000, is the best communication

A powerful SMS engine

For short messages that the recipient benefits from right now, SMS is a hard-to-beat channel. A pling in the mobile and you have the discount code or booking details. The SMS function makes it easy to send SMS from the ACE Interact agent tool. And incoming SMS received in the contact center can be converted and sent for convenience to the agents by email.

SMS is also a key to a really good and tailored self-serve service; automatically inform customers by sending messages from the support system with, for example, offers, reminders or with information about changing delivery time.


In short
  • Integrated into the agent’s tools
  • Easy to import lists for bulk mailings
  • Predefined texts and spelling ensure quality


  • If the agent wants to send a text message during the interaction, the number is pre-filled
  • Sms can also be used in ACE Survey to follow up on the customer experience using surveys. Sms survey can be sent to follow up calls, callbacks and chats for example
  • Outgoing SMS senders are configured in the ACE Admin administrator tool
  • The agent can send text messages directly from an archived contact in Interaction View
  • Use the optional IVR SMS  to send text messages directly from the voice response with a link or information that helps the user solve their case on their own
  • To ensure quality and speed up work with outgoing text messages, there is both spelling control and the possibility of ready-made standard messages that the agent can access with simple shortcuts
    • keyboard shortcuts for the most common answers
    • macros for the agent’s name, date, customer name, case number, or other interaction data associated with the message
    • available macros are managed by the coach
    • different teams can have different sets of predefined responses
  • Variables can pick data from the current contact

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