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ACE Recording G2

The next generation recording tool

Record and save as needed

The ability to record calls is important for many companies and organizations. Ace Recording G2 allows for calls to be recorded to document interactions with customers, whether it’s coaching employees, documenting business deals, or threatening conversations. In some industries, there are legal requirements to store the calls for a certain period.

It is also possible to see which agents are having a conversation right now and listen to them to offer good coaching.

About Recording G2

In short
  • End-to-end encryption
  • GDPR-compliant recording consent solution
  • Recordings searchable and available with other interactions
  • Configurable storage rules
  • The agent can search for, view business data for and listen to recordings directly in their ACE Interact working tool
  • Encrypted transfer and encrypted and redundant storage in AWS
  • Standard function for managing consent to recording according to GDPR
  • Wide support for different technical conditions

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