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ACE Operator

ACE Interact with operator possibility

Offer quick and professional services ​

Imagine a seamless system where your customers or citizens can swiftly connect with the right person or function within your organization.​

No more frustrating transfers or lost inquiries – just swift, efficient communication.​

Handle all types of incoming contacts, whether it’s a query, a request, or an urgent matter, using ACE web-based operator tool

About ACE Operator

In short
  • Operators and agents share one solution​
  • Easy-to-use web-based, graphical interface​
  • Stay organized with operator information and easily access details about colleagues, departments, or processes to handle the calls more efficiently​
  • Flexibility in workplace setup, customize the work area​
  • Effortlessly find contacts with an integrated Directory Search​
  • Work faster with keyboard shortcuts


  • High volume of incoming calls
  • Extensive queueing and missed calls leading to lost business opportunities ​
  • Higher costs when working in dual platforms


  • Operator functionality integrated into the ACE platform​
  • Easy and efficient handling of incoming calls​
  • Faster response time with advanced search capabilities​
  • Easy to find the right person or department to route to


  • Simplified call handling = time saved​
  • Enhanced search capabilities = quicker transfer of calls​
  • Flexible operators that can work from anywhere

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