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ACE Interaction view

Follow the customer journey in an easy-to-work archive

Easy access to past interactions

Access to previous contacts in an easy-to-work archive increases the quality of the customer meeting. Reduce the risk of the customer having to repeat themselves or that it is unclear what has been said in previous meetings or when you actually talked to each other last time. It also makes it easier for an agent to pick up the thread where a colleague left it.

About ACE Interaction view

In short
  • The agent can go back and check past interactions
  • The customers do not have to repeat themselves
  • Increases the quality of the response

Features selection

  • ACE Interaction View stores historical interactions, but you can also see ongoing interactions queued or processed by a colleague
  • Interactions can include text conversations (chat, email, SMS), recorded calls, callbacks, work items or social media such as Facebook and Messenger messages
  • In ACE Interaction View, the agent can listen to recorded calls, read chats, and e-mails
  • The agent can easily call, send SMS or email directly from an interaction in the archive
  • Set up rules for which interactions to save and for how long, for example based on media and case type
  • Choose which interaction data to store and able to search. For example, the customer’s name, case number, email address, agent’s comments
  • In case of new contact, automatic search can be done to show previous interactions for the agent
  • ACE Interaction View can be exported to other systems, such as SalesForce
  • ACE Interaction View can be populated with data from other systems, such as SalesForce

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