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ACE Facebook & Messenger

Connect social media in your agents’ tools

Meet customers where they are used to communicating

With Telia ACE’s integrations with Facebook and Messenger, messages in those channels are handled in the same smooth and efficient way as any other contact channel. Listen to what is said and act directly from Telia ACE.

Social media becomes an integral part of your customer meeting. Just as your users expect.

About ACE Facebook & Messenger

In short
  • Make social media an integral part of the customer meeting
  • Create archives and statistics as for other contact paths
  • Make sure you are where the customers are

Fully integrated with other channels  

Communication in social media can be made a fully integrated part of ACE and follows the principles of routing and analysis.

Facebook and Messenger are linked to Telia ACE and are managed as media in the agent tools. Instagram and other socal media channels are integrated through APIs and are routed as work item.

Data is stored in the central contact database for statistics and are easily available in InteractionView.


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