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ACE Email

 With intelligent text analysis and advanced automatic responses

Optimised email

Would your customers like to contact you by email? ACE Email includes several features that make customers feel well taken care of. For example, intelligent text analysis and advanced automatic response. These can be configured so that customers receive different responses depending on the email’s content, queue time, and queue location. The text analysis is used to route the email to the right person with the right skills.

ACE Email routes the messages to the agents in ACE Interact in the same way as any other media. To help, the agent has ready-made answers from ACE Knowledge, spelling, alternative return addresses, and other smart features. The email conversations are saved in the Interaction View contact store.

About ACE email

In short
  • The agent’s tools make it easy to reply to emails
  • Routed forward and queued as other contact types
  • Saved in Interaction View and can be easily searched if necessary

Fully integrated into omnichannel

All ACE general omnichannel policies (routing, administration, reporting, intent detection) also work for email. The management and prioritization of e-mail can be customized to fit with other more time-critical media in an omnichannel strategy. E-mail messages can be automatically forwarded or put on a waiting list where the agent can preview the content with mouseover and pick what matches competence.

E-mail can be controlled and mixed with other channels or handled separately. Intent and errand can be automatically identified with text analysis, pattern matching, return address, subject line, and metadata. Information compiled by ACE may be presented to the agent or used to extract additional data from ERP systems via integrations.

Automatic replies can be made more personal with language comprehension and integrations with back-end systems. The routing engine can escalate e-mail automatically based on business data/rules such as SLA. The agent can direct further e-mails to colleagues or queues.


Statistics and data are collected and stored in Telia ACE’s central interaction database with the same metric as for other channels. This creates uniform processing and makes it possible to compare data for channels in a combined strategy.

Create email deflection with smart contact forms

By adding ACE Knowledge to the mix, e-mail from contact forms can in some cases be completely discouraged.  This works by ACE Knowledge analyzing the form text and directly presenting content from the knowledge base that matches the customer’s query before the customer presses “submit”.

Helpful auto replies

Intent, case, and content of e-mail messages can be identified by various methods such as rule-based identification where words in the case line are matched to predetermined words. Other options such as social security number, case number or membership number can also be used and with ACE Knowledge it is possible to use Natural Language Understanding.

ACE Knowledge requires a separate license.

  • Rule-based – match against keywords in case line or content
  • Pattern matching – social security number, membership number, case number, etc.
  • Natural language understanding (NLU) – for a more fine-grain classification (requires separate license for ACE Knowledge)

Access to all interactions

A threaded view of the dialogue is available and presented in ACE Interaction View. It makes it easy for any agent to go back and see the customer’s previus contacts across channels. For text based interactions like chat and email the actual content of the interaction is available.

Emails can also be put on hold while the agent works to solve the case. Relevant stats for the interaction are still recorded by ACE.

Macros and shortcuts

It’s possible to set up shortcuts for predefined common answers and phrases as well as for strings like agent name, date, customer name, case number or other interaction data keys related to the email.

Different teams can have different sets of shortcuts. Macros are managed by the team coach.

Smart knowledge base

With ACE Knowledge,  it’s possible to provide more detailed answers using text your smart knowledgebase, including attachments and links.  Naturally you have access to spell-check and personal signatures and it’s possible to configure multiple selectable senders.

ACE Knowledge requires a separate license.

Place emails in queues and waiting lists

An agent may put an email back in a queue or in the personal waiting list of another agent. Any draft reply is included so that a colleague can pick up and finalize in a simple workflow.

Address book built in

The agent has access to a personal address book, a central address book and may also use the organisation catalogue for lookups.


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Advisory meetings made easy

BookMe offers a simple booking process for the customer who can book personal meetings directly on the web. Available slots are displayed automatically and the calendar is updated in real time and confirmation is sent to the customer by e-mail and sms. The agent can change bookings, cancel, and create new bookings in their own BookMe view.

About BookMe

Original app

BookMe is a Telia ACE original app. It makes scheduling and booking advisory meetings easy. With BookMe you can let your clients and customers make their appointments directly on the web.

Easy to use

The built-in WYSIWIG editor makes BookMe easy and intuitive to use for anyone. The agent can schedule a new meeting in BookMe during an appointment. If they need to reschedule or forward a meeting to a colleague, it is easily done in BookMe. You can let the customer make an appointment with a specific agent, or advisor, or route to the next available agent.

Working in BookMe

BookMe Admin:

BookMe settings are configured in BookMe Admin. The administrator can:

  • create, modify, and delete meeting types
  • see, change and cancel all meetings
  • see all the information about meetings
  • change a specific meeting
  • see statistics like total availability versus the number of bookings
  • switch booked agent
  • create new meetings
  • create groups of agents who can be booked for certain meeting types

Handle bookings in BookMe Admin

In BookMe Admin, all BookMe settings are made in the built-in WYSIWYG editor. Set how long the meeting should be, time for wrap up, and whether you should let your customers choose an agent for the meeting or if BookMe will assign the meeting to an available agent automatically.

Write a brief description of the meeting, set up which group of agents will handle the meeting, and finish by creating sms and email confirmation and reminders.

Each meeting type has a group of agents associated with it. An agent can belong to several different meeting types in BookMe.

BookMe can use information provided by the customer at the time of booking to personalize email confirmations and reminders.

Easy booking process for the customer

For the customer, the booking process is simple. In just four steps, the customer goes from seeing available meeting types to a scheduled meeting. The customer chooses the meeting, time, fills in their details and any comments and then immediately receives a confirmation of their booking. Done!

If the customer needs to update their contact information or cancel their appointment, it can be done directly via the confirmation sent by e-mail and/or sms.

Details and requirements
  • BookMe is available in English and Swedish with Danish and Norwegian coming soon
  • Requires Azure AD and Office 365
  • SSO- MS Azure AD

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Advisory Meetings

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