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ACE Conversational Hub

The foundation for a customer service of the future

Modular, flexible and cost-effective

With ACE Conversational Hub, you take a holistic approach to AI and automation in customer service. A central hub with different interfaces enables components within ACE and third parties to communicate flexibly and create composite customer experiences in speech and text. In this way, you can meet current and future needs and challenges in the industry with a modular ecosystem approach. 

ACE Conversational Hub enables a variety of cost-effective solutions for dialogue-based self-service. 

It is also possible to integrate your existing solutions into new flows and thus take advantage of investments already made. 

About Conversational Hub

In short
  • Build logic once; apply to all channels
  • Integrations with AI capabilities in the cloud
  • Integration API:S against your existing self-service and backend

A hub of the customer conversation

ACE Conversational Hub offers ready-made integrations for a variety of channels in text and voice, different platforms with dialogue in natural language, and APIs for e.g., speech recognition and speech synthesis.
Conversational Hub is integrated with ACE core features such as ACE Multimedia Routing and ACE Knowledge.

All to ensure seamless handover to agent while maintaining context and history as well as easy access to content in the knowledge base, regardless of the combination of channel and other services used in a conversation. With a growing list of ready-made integrations with external services, you can easily add the features you want. 

Knowledge everywhere

The ACE Knowledge Base is available for bots and virtual agents across all channels. ACE Multimedia Routing manages competence-based governance for all channels and media based on information about the customer’s case and context.

ACE Conversational Hub allows you to reuse investments made with the concept of “build once and use in all channels.

Features selection

Telephony channel 

  • Input/output
    • Text-To-Speech API
    • Speech-To-Text API with Streaming Audio
    • Tone selection (DTMF)
  • More ability to micromanage speech recognition by dialog state
    • Configurable timeouts (complete-timeout, end-of-speech-timeout, no-speech-timeout)
    • Return results based on complete utterances or based on timeout
    • Audio buffering to handle interrupting speech
    • Detailed speech recognition log accessible via fulfillment
  • Possibility of logging calls
    • User and bot speech in separate audio files
    • Logging the entire user-bot dialog in an audio file

Web channel (web chat, socialmedia)  

  • Input/output
    • Text and “rich media” (sounds, movies, buttons, links)  

ACE native conversational agents

  • ACE Chatbot (text)
  • ACE Virtual Agent text (powered by CCAI)
  • ACE Virtual Agent voice (powered by CCAI)

Remote agents

  • Dialog flow voice (with streaming audio)
  • Dialog flow text
  • (text and voice with STT API and TTS API extensions)


  • Support for anonymization of personal data – configurable by application and dialogue state
  • Mix different “Remote Agents” in a conversation
  • Full support for ACE Knowledge contact paths with handover to human agent via chat
  • Full support for business hours and real-time queue status per Chat Contact Path
  • Handover to human agent via voice response
  • Search   ACE Knowledge from any Remote Agent
  • Support for multiple text-to-speech services (coming soon)
  • Support for multiple speech-to-text services (coming soon)
  • Consumption-based billing
  • Real-time translation of speech and text with future language detection capabilities

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