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ACE Chatbot

Humanlike and automated customer meetings

Quick responses give satisfied customers

The chatbot relieves agents by solving many common customer questions on its own. When necessary, the chatbot hands over the conversation to an agent with the right skills for the identified errand. Then the conversation continues seamlessly in the same window. The customer does not have to tell the same things more times and the agent quickly gets full control of the situation. 

The intelligence in the system helps the chatbot interpret customers’ behaviors of what kind of information or help they are looking for. It is designed to be curious and teachable and also constantly builds new knowledge based on the customer’s questions. This means, for example, that it quickly gets to know abbreviations and learns to draw the right conclusions based on context. 

Chatbot can, like a solution based on free speech, identify hundreds of different errand types (intents) which creates detailed statistics and makes any forwarding very accurate. 

About ACE Chatbot

In short
  • Easy to deploy, configure and maintain
  • Takes care of the most frequently asked questions
  • Relieves the agents
  • Identifies cases and moves on to the right skills

Fully integrated chatbot

ACE Chatbot is an integrated component of ACE following all general omnichannel policies (routing, administration, reporting, etc.m.) as other functions of ACE. 

Deploy and train

The chatbot can be set up in app or on web according to wishes and needs. The user cases are modeled in ACE Knowledge and the bot is integrated using scripts that retrieve the software from our cloud service or own storage. 

The chatbot’s abilities are continuously built up and improved with both supervised training and self-learning from user data. It learns synonyms, new expressions and which answers work well by itself. Supervised training uses real user data and a coach helps the bottom understand real questions and fine-tune their answers or actions. 

Smart chatbots use smart knowledge bases

ACE Chatbot can answer customer questions with knowledge from ACE Knowledge. Use the bot as a visual IVR to guide the customer right with buttons in a graphical interface along with free text and context, such as navigation history on a website. 

Uses intent to guide chat to agent with the right skills when needed and takes into account context, such as on which web page chat is started 


ACE chatbot is self-learning based on common questions and best solutions. GUI for supervised training. 

ACE chatbot can be integrated with and retrieve information from support systems through REST and JS APIs. 

Part of a proactive web

The chatbot can be initiated automatically based on the customer’s behavior and business rules. 


Suggest relevant answers based on understanding the specific question the customer asks or refer the customer to the best channel based on the question and context, such as web navigation, current queue times, time of day, and more. You can also control chat to agent or from chatbot to callback or email. 

It is also possible to convey identified intent and interaction data to ace routing engine. 

Integrated contact paths

Integrated contact paths that use support systems for e-mail forms, for example, with links to business or CRM systems. 

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