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ACE Campaign & Dialer

Flexible and efficient outbound telephony campaigns

Reach new customers.

Many organizations need to contact a large number of people over the phone. This can be for sales campaigns, follow-ups, surveys or citizen information. By importing the contact information into Telia ACE, the agent does not need to dial any numbers. Calls are automatically scheduled and routed to the agent. 

ACE Dialer gives your contact center powerful features for efficient outbound telephony. This means that you maximize the number of calls answered, minimize unproductive time for your employees and access detailed statistics for outcomes, insights and follow-up.

About ACE Campaign & Dialer

In short
  • Powerful and configurable campaign telephony
  • Dynamic distribution of agents between inbound and outbound telephony
  • Easy import of ring lists

Reach the right people at the right time

With Telia ACE Campaign & Dialer, it’s easy to plan and schedule campaigns. It is important to be able to easily reach the right people at the right time and in ACE Campaign &  Dialer there are features for processing and prioritizing different address records to, for example, reach different target groups at different times. Efficiency is also increased by ACE Campaign & Dialer automatically adapting to the response rate, thus reaching more customers. 

Automatic dialing saves time when a call is connected to an agent only after the call has been answered by the customer. Time is also saved between each call and, in addition, busy lines and no answer-calls are sorted out, i.e. those calls are not routed. The dialer can also use over-dialing. The dialer then makes extra calls based on available agents and statistical models. Over-dialing minimizes the time when an agent is waiting for a new call. 

Key features

  • Calls can start when there is an agent available or dynamically, based on what the system learns about audience behavior, such as response rate. It allows more calls to be made.  
  • Automatic balancing of the number of agents in outbound and incoming telephony teams. If the waiting time for incoming interactions is too long, agents can automatically be moved from campaign to incoming queues 
  • If you want to work with campaigns without a dynamic dialer, there are two methods: calls are assigned to the agent automatically or the agent can pick calls from the preview dialing list 
  • Campaigns can be started, stopped, paused manually, or automatically on schedule. For example, campaigns can be timed to stop at certain times of the day, e.g. so that no calls are made after 21:00 
  • With a priority schedule, it is possible to have different strategies that prioritize which campaign records to call out at different times. It provides the opportunity to increase the response rate based on knowledge of when different target groups are available 
  • Dialing number is adjustable per campaign 
  • Ace Knowledge call script to support the agent (ACE Knowledge requires a separate license) 
  • The agent can provide feedback on how the calls went:
    • Close – The agent has reached out with his message and has received successful acceptance, e.g. received order or completed survey
    • Declined – The agent has reached out with his message but has received negative acceptance, e.g. not interested, already has the product
    • Loss – The agent has not been able to get his message across, such as the wrong number, no longer lives here or speaks another language 

More features

  • Name your own reasons that describe why it was Close, Declined or Loss.  For example, Close – received order, Declined – not interested, Loss – does not understand Swedish 
  • A feedback can also be to call back later. The agent can then choose whether someone else working on the campaign should call back or whether to call back in person 
  • The system can automatically document feedback for events such as “no response”, “busy”, “blocked”, etc. 
  • You can set rules for automatically rescheduling calls in certain outcomes, such as try again after five minutes at busy or call the next day in case of no response 
  • Priority on individual campaign records can be set or changed based on outcome, via import or based on schedule and business logic
  • You can have multiple phone numbers, to call from, per campaign post 
  • It’s easy to import new campaign records or close stale campaign records from a text file, Excel file, or through an open API 
  • Ability to export connection and bleeds for campaign records 
  • Real-time monitoring and follow-up with ACE Monitor 
  • The coach can easily track progress and results with statistical reports and see the current state of the campaign and those working on it 
  • You can set a maximum cap on the percentage of “silent calls”, and the system ensures that no more than one “silent call” takes place against a phone number 

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