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ACE Callback online

Simplify the step from web or app to call

Let the customer order dial-in on the web

Callback makes the contact center easily available online, on the web, and in mobile apps. You choose how it should work and regardless of the model, it is a seamless experience for the customer who does not have to wait in a phone queue. 

Choose whether the customer should be allowed to book an appointment during your opening hours or if the callback should be made as soon as possible. The latter option further improves the customer experience by allowing you to view an estimated waiting time directly on the website. 

About Callback online

In short
  • Increased availability
  • Seamless experience for the customer
  • Possible to view expected queue times

Book callbacks online

Callback can be offered for immediate calls or by allowing the customer to choose a suitable time from a schedule. At the scheduled time, the call is routed to an agent. If the option to specify the task type is used, the call is directed to an agent with the right skills. 

Easy to configure

The coach can easily configure different opening hours for different teams so that the customer is directed to an agent with the right skills. It is also possible to configure other things, such as the automatic acceptance of  callbacks. 

View availibility on the web

The customer can be offered to book an appointment onthe website based on opening hours that also take into account holidays or other changes to the opening hours. It is possible to configure how far in the future the customer can book a callback, for example today or ten days ahead. If you choose to let the customer book a call right away, the current queue time will be displayed instead. 

Instant or booked callbacks

On the same web page, instant or booked callback can be offered depending on context, such as bot conversation or via navigation. Even a voice bot or free speech solution can provide callbacks with errand type based on identified intent. 

Errand types

Callback can be provided with different errand types based on context on the website so that it is securely routed to an agent with the right skills, and for smart follow-up in the statistics. If ACE Chatbot offers callback, it can add a case type based on context and conversation that puts the callback right. 

Agent’s possibilities

During the call, the agent can add information, such as comments. Any information added will be included if the call is forwarded to another agent. The agent can give feedback on how the callback call went as part of the wrap-up, the feedback can be followed up in the statistics. If the agent creates a callback during the contact, some fields are prefilled with information from the contact 

Queue status

The current callback queue status can be monitored in real time in ACE Monitor. 

Agent opportunities

During the call, the agent can add information, e.g. comment. All information added is included if the call is forwarded to another agent. The agent can provide feedback on how the callback call went as part of the wrap-up, the feedback can be followed up in the statistics. If the agent creates a callback during an ongoing contact, some fields are filled with information from the contact

Queue status

Current queue status for callback can be monitored in real time in ACE Monitor.


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