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Make systems work for you with Telia ACE Workitem

  • 1 min read

Make systems work for you

You’ve probably heard “Work smarter, not harder” more times than you can remember but somehow the phrase often seems to suggest that smarter really means harder. With Telia ACE Workitem we mean what we say with smarter. It’s all about making your systems and programs work with, and for, you – not against you.

In the upcoming webinar, on March 22nd 8.15 CET, we will highlight common issues we often come across and will together with Transportstyrelsen and Arbetsförmedlingen show you how they started working smarter, not harder.

Telia ACE Workitem

Telia ACE Workitem lets you route and prioritize all tasks in one system. It saves time and improves efficiency and productivity. You can for example:

  • Route all tasks and prioritize via one system, Telia ACE Contact Center
  • Include all errands in your workforce management
  • Schedule your work force outside the Contact Center
  • Follow up both real-time and historical statistics for all tasks

How to register

Register here to secure your spot. The webinar is free, and we look forward to presenting how you can work smarter, not harder. Please note that the webinar is in Swedish only.

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