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Do you suit up or not for the video call?

  • 2 min read

A common misconception is that a video meeting is like a phone call with a picture. But that is not true. A video meeting is like meeting in real time, minus the travel time. It is as flexible as it is sustainable, and it is also effective as remote meetings are often are kept short.

But it is not enough to buy fancy equipment for internal meetings and customer meetings over video to be a success. Here you need to look beyond technology and involve the business right from the start. A solution that works well on paper may not meet the needs of the business at all.

Once the right tech is in place, there are many things to keep in mind for staff to feel comfortable and for customers, citizens or perhaps patients to find the meeting safe and trustworthy. In our whitepaper, we cover, among other things, what to think about in order to give the meeting the right framing, dressing right and how to build relationships over video.

Telia’s own in-house studio talks about the most common video pitfalls – because after 800 productions they have been down in most of them. You can make a professional impression with relatively small means if you only know how to do it.

Learn from our mistakes and get tips on how to develop your business using video calls.

Download our whitepaper here