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Chatbots collaborate seamlessly enhancing the E.ON customer experience

  • 4 min read

E.ON has extensive experience with working purposefully with cutting-edge technology to streamline and improve the quality of its customer service whether by phone or in digital channels. One of the latest innovative inventions is a specialized chatbot that re-uses IVR logic to help customers asking… 

The Swedish Public Employment Service goes for seamless remote service

  • 4 min read

The Swedish Public Employment Service had already begun its transformation journey when the political “January agreement” in early 2019 changed the circumstances drastically. Budgets were cut and the overall assignment was reshaped. But even though the conditions changed, the goal was still the same: the… 

ACE Chatbot

  • 4 min read

Using a chatbot from Telia ACE, you can create an automated customer meeting where the customer chats in exactly the same manner as if there were a human at the other end of the line. “ACE chatbot helps us convey the right information at the…