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Calabrio WFM

Workforce management made easy

Optimal staffing at all times

Staff who sit idle are an unnecessary cost, and conversely, understaffing leads to excessive waiting times. Both problems can cost the business dearly. With the help of Telia ACE open interfaces for staffing optimization, it is easy to use all the data available in the system to staff correctly. The right information is a prerequisite for optimizing for both service and costs.

Telia is a partner with Calabrio (formerly Teleopti) and Telia ACE has a ready-made adapter for their WFM (work force management) that includes everything you need to optimize staffing, staff, and customer service throughout your business. Calabrio WFM is in our cloud just like Telia ACE.

About Calabrio WFM

In short
  • Use all available data
  • Optimize for service and costs
  • Cloud-based service

Market-leading tool – integrated and ready in ACE

Telia provides staffing planning tools through ready-made integration with Calabrio. Data from agent and queue statistics in Telia ACE is mapped against functions in Calabrio Teleopti WFM to make forecasts and create personnel schedules that meet needs. 

Available features include:

Forecasting and planning – Enables strategic staffing and long-term planning

Schedule Management – Streamline daily scheduling workflows

Flexible tools for optimization – Easy to meet changing staffing needs

Employee mobility, self-service – Get everyone engaged, wherever they are

More about Calabrio

More about Calabrio, software features and how their staffing planning works can be found at  (opens in new tab).

The agent’s own logon schedule.
Report with forecast of call volumes and processing times and the outcome to follow up on accuracy.
The team leader’s or administrator’s view of the team schedule and how it relates to the “Demo” forecast and its planned staffing.

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Google Dialogflow

Build world-class conversational interfaces

Market-leading AI under the hood

Dialogflow, a google cloud service, makes it possible to build text and voice interfaces that communicate naturally with users and understand their needs. The strength lies in the understanding of language, so-called natural language understanding (NLU) market-leading speech recognition and speech synthesis. ACE customers can use this strength, for example, in chatbots and voice response solutions.

With our turnkey integration with Google Dialogflow, you can bring your voice and text bots with you and easily connect them with ACE for, for example, seamless handover to agent. This applies to those who are already using Dialogflow.

If you want to use a complete solution for virtual agents across all channels, take a closer look at our ACE Virtual Agent offering based on Google Contact Center AI where Dialogflow is one of the cornerstones.

About Google Dialogflow

In short
  • Build interfaces that communicate naturally and understand the user
  • Connect with ACE for a seamless transition
  • Market-leading speech recognition and speech synthesis

Detailed information, case studies and documentation can be found at  (opens in new tab).


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Give your chatbot natural language skills

Intgrate with market-leading bots is one of the market-leading virtual agent platforms in the Nordic region with advanced AI capabilities and an easy-to-work developer interface. If you use today and want an integrated overall solution together with ACE, this is the feature for you.

With this integration, you are offered an easy-to-configure chatbot widget for publishing of your bot on your website with built-in support for handover to agent for live chat. You also get access to features that show opening hours, queue times and the possibility of easy configuration of case management via available contact routes.

For those of you who currently use ACE Knowledge, it is possible to use guides in the knowledge base in a bot as well as the possibility to use as an integral part of your ACE Knowledge implementation for the online customer meeting.

Bots working together

If you currently use the ACE Chatbot, you can combine it with in the same end user interface (widget) on your website.

As an additional service, it is also possible to voice control your bot for use in the IVR.

In future versions, we will also be able to offer customers to use together with ACE in social media channels, also there with the possibility of handover to agent.


In short
  • Seamless flows between and ACE
  • Combine bots to build the self-service of the future – today
  • Give your speech comprehension and let it work in the IVR

Detailed information, case studies and documentation can be found at  (opens in new tab).

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Authenticate each contact

Flexible authentication in all interactions

BankID enables companies, organizations and authorities to identify and enter into agreements with private individuals on the Internet. BankID is an electronic ID document comparable to passports, driving licenses and other physical identification documents. With our adapter, secure authentication can be included in the customer flows you build in ACE.

About BankID

In short
  • Save time by identifying already in the speech response 
  • Easy for the agent to let the customer identify themselves 
  • Easy to archive and analyze authentications 

Reduce errand time

Getting started with BankID is an easy process and you choose which way is right for your organization. 

With speech response detection, the case time at the administrator decreases while opening the door to new self-serve services, directly in the IVR, on the web or in the app – services that may not previously have beeen possible to offer customers. 

Flexible solution

If you choose the option to identify the customer by the agent, you will get a flexible solution that will be less dependent on the channel chosen by the customer. You can have the customer on a call, perhaps in an active chat contact, a campaign call, or why not a callback call. Either way, it’s easy for the agent to identify the customer through an easy-to-work web interface. 

Optionally, you can save all successful detections to ACE central interaction stores. Then you get a close look at all identified customers and the interactions are easily available for search.

Safe and secure

  • Telia follows BankID Relying Party Guidelines 
  • Certificates installed encrypted with passwords 
  • All system changes and successful detections are logged in the audit trail. 

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ACE Facebook & Messenger

Connect social media in your agents’ tools

Meet customers where they are used to communicating

With Telia ACE’s integrations with Facebook and Messenger, messages in those channels are handled in the same smooth and efficient way as any other contact channel. Listen to what is said and act directly from Telia ACE.

Social media becomes an integral part of your customer meeting. Just as your users expect.

About ACE Facebook & Messenger

In short
  • Make social media an integral part of the customer meeting
  • Create archives and statistics as for other contact paths
  • Make sure you are where the customers are

Fully integrated with other channels  

Communication in social media can be made a fully integrated part of ACE and follows the principles of routing and analysis.

Facebook and Messenger are linked to Telia ACE and are managed as media in the agent tools. Instagram and other socal media channels are integrated through APIs and are routed as work item.

Data is stored in the central contact database for statistics and are easily available in InteractionView.


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Integrate ACE with surveys from Brilliant

Collect all survey mailings from the entire organization

Our ready-made adapter for Brilliant’s survey tool makes it easy for companies to collect survey mailings from different sources throughout the organization and contact centers in the same engine.

With our adapter, Telia ACE sends the relevant data to Brilliant so that the right questionnaire can be sent to the right customer after the end of the call with the administrator.

For follow-up, selected contact data can be sent along to provide the opportunity to connect Telia ACE statistics and Brilliant.

About Brilliant

In short
  • Combine Brilliant’s surveys with the strength of ACE
  • The right questionnaire is sent to the right customer after contact
  • Match the answers right down to the agent level

Surveys that produce results

Do you want to know what your customers think and what creates loyalty? How do you act on your customer insights today? To get started with your customer survey, Brilliant sets a common goal and with the help of performance analyses and workshops, they lead you towards the goal – step by step. By bringing the knowledge back to the right place in the organization, the company develops towards full customer focus. Gradually, you are getting better at delivering the right value to each customer. Every day, month, and year.

Features selection

  • Integration point between ACE and Brilliant
  • Maps questionnaires down to the agent’s level
  • ACE decides when to send the questionnaires
  • Set up which calls are to be sent a questionnaire in ACE IVR
  • Calls involving more than one agent are filtered out. In this way, surveys can be followed up at agent level with correct results
  • Filter so that calls below a certain length do not generate a questionnaire

Read more about Brilliant and what they can offer on

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Scrive eSign

The best signing solution on the market

Instant digital signatures

Instead of sending papers to the customer, which you hope they sign and return, the customer can read through the document directly and sign during the conversation. The document to be signed can be sent to the recipient via email, sms or be delivered by our chatbot. The signed document constitutes a legally binding agreement. 

Track the process 

ACE E-sign also makes it possible to automatically keep track of when a document is sent out, when it is opened by the recipient, and when it has been signed. The process also gets full traceability including IP addresses, dates, and time stamps. The solution can be integrated with Mobile Bank ID, but also allows other methods of signing.

About Scrive eSign

In short
  • Easy processes for fast and secure digital signing
  • Compliance with services under the EU eIDAS Regulation
  • Secure and flexible archiving of signed documents

An integral part of ACE Interact  

With a fully digital online signing solution, ACE E-sign, customers can quickly and securely sign documents. No papers needed to be printed, mailed, signed by the customer, and sent back. 

With ACE E-sign, the customer can read through the document directly and sign during the conversation. By fully integrating ACE E-sign into ACE Interact, ACE Interact makes it easier for the agent to follow the customer throughout the process – from first contact to finish. 

Secure document and agreement management

Telia’s ACE E-sign stores the signed documents securely in the system, but it is also possible to store the documents yourself.

Follow the process

ACE E-sign also makes it possible to automatically keep track of when a document is sent out, when it is opened by the recipient, and when it has been signed. You get full traceability withIP addresses, dates, and timestamps. The solution can be integrated with Mobile Bank ID, but also allows other methods of signing. 

See when the document is signed

The document to be signed can be sent to the recipient via email, sms or delivered by ACE Chat Bot. The signed document constitutes a legally binding agreement. 

ACE E-sign also makes it possible to automatically keep track of when a document is sent out, when it has been opened by the recipient, and when it has been signed. 

The process also gets full traceability including IP addresses, dates, and time stamps. 

The solution can be integrated with Mobile Bank ID, but also allows other methods of signing. 

More information at Scrive

Scrive provides trusted services under the EU eIDAS Regulation  and can offer all levels of electronic signatures under the Regulation. 


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Talkamatic TDM

Next generation of user centric conversational AI

Next generation conversational AI

TDM from Talkamatic has built-in support for many of the dialog types that are making us humans so successful in communication towards a common goal. This enables Conversational AI far beyond the Voice-control and QnA like dialogs that we are learning to use today.

TDM does for example support instructional dialogs, dialog search, and educational dialogs. TDM also has support for a number of general language phenomena that otherwise would have needed to be programmed.

By having access to TDM through Telia ACE these advance dialog functionalities can be combined with your preferred ACE-solutions to create an even more user-friendly Conversational AI and open up for new valuable use cases.

About Talkamatic TDM

In short
  • Build instructional dialogs adapted to your users
  • Powerful dialog search in large datasets
  • Manage and switch between topics in parallel dialogs

Instructional dialogs

This example shows an instructional dialog for recipes adapting to the user’s needs. Other use cases for instructional dialog can be troubleshooting your router, replacing a lightbulb in your car, or mounting your new furniture. Perfect to prepare a customer while waiting for human assistance, or to avoid the human service completely.

Dialog search

Here we present how our incremental search functions supports the user in finding one person in a database from Eniro containing millions of phone numbers. Dialog search can of course be used in combination with other dialog features and is equally effective when searching for a specific piece of clothing, a weekend journey, or a needle in a haystack.

Educational dialogs

This educational dialog is taken from a cooperation with Helsingborg Stad around SFI (Swedish for immigrants) education. The possibility to create education and training based on the the user’s needs and knowledge level has a big value in many different fields.

Topic switching

For humans it is natural to switch topics and at a later stage return to the previous dialog. TDM can keep track of multiple conversations and help the user not losing context. This is an example where we, in a unique way, use multiple voices to help the user keep track of the different conversations. Some of the dialogs are developed in cooperation with Volvo, Ericsson and Veoneer, hence the driver related dialog topics.

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Salesforce adapter

A softphone widget that is opened as an app in Salesforce

Connect ACE Interact with Salesforce

ACE Salesforce Adapter is a softphone widget that is opened as an app in Salesforce. It offers a part of the functionality found in ACE Interact along with other Salesforce specific features.

About Salesforce adapter

In short
  • Incoming calls, outgoing external calls, callback calls
  • Make call, mute/unmute, park call
  • Enquiry/Transfer to queue or a phone number
  • Conference
  • Change ACE Worklevel
  • Wrapup time can be prolonged, if configured in ACE
  • ACE contact data can be configured to be shown in the adapter
  • Queue status for ACE queues
  • Set Storage class, to use with ACE Recording G2
  • Recording on Demand for NICE recordings


An agent can handle incoming calls and outgoing external calls. When a call is established the
features mute/unmute, park, conference, enquiry to queue or phone number are available. The
agent can extend wrap up as well as change the work level in ACE. If “Recording on Demand”
(NICE recording) is activated in ACE, it is possible to record a call.

Click-to-call in Salesforce

For outgoing calls, the click-to-call function in Salesforce is available, meaning that when
clicking on a phone number in Salesforce an outgoing call is automatically started in the ACE
Salesforce Adapter. The “click-to-call” function can also be used when doing an enquiry


A user can handle callback in the adapter, with the same features available as for incoming
calls. When ending a callback call, feedback must be chosen from a dropdown.


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