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ACE Survey

Datadriven CX optimization

Understand your customers

Customer preferences evolve over time and the world around us is in a constant state of change. ACE Survey lets you tap into the minds of the customers and the results provide you with a snapshot of the current levels of satisfaction.

ACE Survey makes it easy to create and publish surveys. Follow up on your targets, for both individuals and for the contact center as a whole, and gather information that will help you improve customer service.

About ACE Survey

In short
  • Create surveys that can be distributed via web, phone, or SMS.
  • Evaluate the customer experience by analyzing the data you gather.
  • Provide individual agents with feedback on their customer interactions.

Create and publish surveys

ACE Survey is a tool for creating and publishing surveys and for analysing the result of the answers. You may for example send out a survey to follow up KPIs, such as Net Promoter Score, or to gather information that will allow you to improve customer service levels.

You can do this for the contact center as a whole or allow the individual agent to receive feedback on his or her performance.

Quick start

  1. Follow the link that is provided by your administrator and enter your login credentials.
  2. Open one of the existing surveys or click on New survey.
  3. Design the new survey with an introduction, questions, and an ending, or make updates on the existing one.

Easy steps to create a new survey

  1. Copy an existing survey or click on the New survey button at the top right of the screen.
  2. Click on Settings tab and name the survey. You may choose a closing day and time, a maximum number of answers and language. There are also specific settings for SMS-surveys.
  3. Click on the Beginning tab and write a heading and an introduction and/or upload an audio file. They will be presented before the questions in a web survey.
  4. Click on the Questions tab and begin by choosing what kind of question you want to use. For example, single choice, NPS, multiple choice or free text. Write your questions and/or upload audio files. This is also where you add headings and page breaks in your web survey.
  5. Click on the Ending tab and write a sendoff message for your survey and/or upload audio files.
  6. Save and preview your survey and publish it via web, phone, or SMS.

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When mobility is a priority

A mobile app for handling calls and callbacks on your smartphone

With ACE To Go installed on your smartphone you have all main functions for handling calls in the ACE-powered contact center. Serve queues and waiting lists to answer incoming calls and make scheduled or pending callback calls. For incoming calls, there is an assistance function to let you forward a contact to another queue, person in the ACE address book or any number. For callback calls, the user can leave feedback on the outcome, just like in the full web client ACE Interact.

These basic but powerful functions open for new smart ways of working and evolving the contact center in organizations that use Telia ACE. For example, it will be easy to let experts and back-office staff add competence to the contact center in a structured manner. Or create a second line queue served by colleagues on-call for those complex issues. A smartphone app won’t tie them to a desk, and notifications will make it clear whether it’s an incoming ACE contact when the phone rings.

About ACE To Go

In short
  • Staff at call
  • Personnel on the field or in store may help out at peak load
  • Personnel working from home
  • Personnel with need for mobility within or outside the office
  • Backoffice appointments
  • Experts in the organization adding competence to the contact center

Everyone familiar with ACE Interact will recognize the look and feel right at home. It is user friendly, even for staff not primarily working in the contact center.

Language support: English, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and German

Use cases

“I am usually busy, but there are moments during the day I can help out” – Handle callback from waiting list or enroll to serve high load queue

“I am usually occupied not looking at the mobile all the time.” – Mobile push events when new contact to handle

  • Combine with ACE BookMe callback
  • Combine with ACE Callback appointments

Main features

  • Sign in with ACE credentials or use single sign on via Microsoft IdP (Azure AD)
  • Set your status to ready or paused
  • See real time load and capacity of queues and waiting lists (available agents, contacts queued, current wait time, service level fulfillment)
  • Select queues to serve
  • Unclutter your queue view by showing only the queues you serve
  • Answer incoming IVR calls
  • Make scheduled or pending callback calls from waiting lists
  • View selected business metadata for calls and callbacks
  • When you are in a call (incoming IVR calls only, not callback), you may use the Assistance feature for forwarding the contact.
  • Provide feedback from drop-down on outcome of callbacks for statistics and follow-up
  • See your contact history and call directly from records in the list
  • Get push notifications for important events like incoming ACE contact when the app is in the background, or if you missed a call and was set to paused status
  • Select language

News, insights, tips and inspiration

Our customers continue to transform their customer service experience with Telia ACE from simplifying customer service to making public transport easy and winning awards for excellent customer service throughout the Nordics. Dive into their stories and explore their journeys from challenges to practical strategies that improved both customer and agent experience using ACE To Go.

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Webinar – ACE To Go

Did you miss the webinars on ACE To Go? Don’t worry, we recorded them for you. Just hit that play button and listen in!

ACE To Go in Swedish

ACE To Go in English

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ACE Email

 With intelligent text analysis and advanced automatic responses

Optimised email

Would your customers like to contact you by email? ACE Email includes several features that make customers feel well taken care of. For example, intelligent text analysis and advanced automatic response. These can be configured so that customers receive different responses depending on the email’s content, queue time, and queue location. The text analysis is used to route the email to the right person with the right skills.

ACE Email routes the messages to the agents in ACE Interact in the same way as any other media. To help, the agent has ready-made answers from ACE Knowledge, spelling, alternative return addresses, and other smart features. The email conversations are saved in the Interaction View contact store.

About ACE email

In short
  • The agent’s tools make it easy to reply to emails
  • Routed forward and queued as other contact types
  • Saved in Interaction View and can be easily searched if necessary

Fully integrated into omnichannel

All ACE general omnichannel policies (routing, administration, reporting, intent detection) also work for email. The management and prioritization of e-mail can be customized to fit with other more time-critical media in an omnichannel strategy. E-mail messages can be automatically forwarded or put on a waiting list where the agent can preview the content with mouseover and pick what matches competence.

E-mail can be controlled and mixed with other channels or handled separately. Intent and errand can be automatically identified with text analysis, pattern matching, return address, subject line, and metadata. Information compiled by ACE may be presented to the agent or used to extract additional data from ERP systems via integrations.

Automatic replies can be made more personal with language comprehension and integrations with back-end systems. The routing engine can escalate e-mail automatically based on business data/rules such as SLA. The agent can direct further e-mails to colleagues or queues.


Statistics and data are collected and stored in Telia ACE’s central interaction database with the same metric as for other channels. This creates uniform processing and makes it possible to compare data for channels in a combined strategy.

Create email deflection with smart contact forms

By adding ACE Knowledge to the mix, e-mail from contact forms can in some cases be completely discouraged.  This works by ACE Knowledge analyzing the form text and directly presenting content from the knowledge base that matches the customer’s query before the customer presses “submit”.

Helpful auto replies

Intent, case, and content of e-mail messages can be identified by various methods such as rule-based identification where words in the case line are matched to predetermined words. Other options such as social security number, case number or membership number can also be used and with ACE Knowledge it is possible to use Natural Language Understanding.

ACE Knowledge requires a separate license.

  • Rule-based – match against keywords in case line or content
  • Pattern matching – social security number, membership number, case number, etc.
  • Natural language understanding (NLU) – for a more fine-grain classification (requires separate license for ACE Knowledge)

Access to all interactions

A threaded view of the dialogue is available and presented in ACE Interaction View. It makes it easy for any agent to go back and see the customer’s previus contacts across channels. For text based interactions like chat and email the actual content of the interaction is available.

Emails can also be put on hold while the agent works to solve the case. Relevant stats for the interaction are still recorded by ACE.

Macros and shortcuts

It’s possible to set up shortcuts for predefined common answers and phrases as well as for strings like agent name, date, customer name, case number or other interaction data keys related to the email.

Different teams can have different sets of shortcuts. Macros are managed by the team coach.

Smart knowledge base

With ACE Knowledge,  it’s possible to provide more detailed answers using text your smart knowledgebase, including attachments and links.  Naturally you have access to spell-check and personal signatures and it’s possible to configure multiple selectable senders.

ACE Knowledge requires a separate license.

Place emails in queues and waiting lists

An agent may put an email back in a queue or in the personal waiting list of another agent. Any draft reply is included so that a colleague can pick up and finalize in a simple workflow.

Address book built in

The agent has access to a personal address book, a central address book and may also use the organisation catalogue for lookups.


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Advisory meetings made easy

BookMe offers a simple booking process for the customer who can book personal meetings directly on the web. Available slots are displayed automatically and the calendar is updated in real time and confirmation is sent to the customer by e-mail and sms. The agent can change bookings, cancel, and create new bookings in their own BookMe view.

About BookMe

Original app

BookMe is a Telia ACE original app. It makes scheduling and booking advisory meetings easy. With BookMe you can let your clients and customers make their appointments directly on the web.

Easy to use

The built-in WYSIWIG editor makes BookMe easy and intuitive to use for anyone. The agent can schedule a new meeting in BookMe during an appointment. If they need to reschedule or forward a meeting to a colleague, it is easily done in BookMe. You can let the customer make an appointment with a specific agent, or advisor, or route to the next available agent.

Working in BookMe

BookMe Admin:

BookMe settings are configured in BookMe Admin. The administrator can:

  • create, modify, and delete meeting types
  • see, change and cancel all meetings
  • see all the information about meetings
  • change a specific meeting
  • see statistics like total availability versus the number of bookings
  • switch booked agent
  • create new meetings
  • create groups of agents who can be booked for certain meeting types

Handle bookings in BookMe Admin

In BookMe Admin, all BookMe settings are made in the built-in WYSIWYG editor. Set how long the meeting should be, time for wrap up, and whether you should let your customers choose an agent for the meeting or if BookMe will assign the meeting to an available agent automatically.

Write a brief description of the meeting, set up which group of agents will handle the meeting, and finish by creating sms and email confirmation and reminders.

Each meeting type has a group of agents associated with it. An agent can belong to several different meeting types in BookMe.

BookMe can use information provided by the customer at the time of booking to personalize email confirmations and reminders.

Easy booking process for the customer

For the customer, the booking process is simple. In just four steps, the customer goes from seeing available meeting types to a scheduled meeting. The customer chooses the meeting, time, fills in their details and any comments and then immediately receives a confirmation of their booking. Done!

If the customer needs to update their contact information or cancel their appointment, it can be done directly via the confirmation sent by e-mail and/or sms.

Details and requirements
  • BookMe is available in English and Swedish with Danish and Norwegian coming soon
  • Requires Azure AD and Office 365
  • SSO- MS Azure AD

You agree to receive email communication from us by submitting this form and understand that your contact information will be stored with us.

Advisory Meetings

Telia ACE makes the workday easier for more than 100 000 people daily.

Safe and Secure

With our own servers placed in the Nordic region, your data is kept safe and secure.

Connecting People

So that you can take care of your customers, patients and clients – wherever you meet them.

Making Conversations Flow

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ACE Callback online

Simplify the step from web or app to call

Let the customer order dial-in on the web

Callback makes the contact center easily available online, on the web, and in mobile apps. You choose how it should work and regardless of the model, it is a seamless experience for the customer who does not have to wait in a phone queue. 

Choose whether the customer should be allowed to book an appointment during your opening hours or if the callback should be made as soon as possible. The latter option further improves the customer experience by allowing you to view an estimated waiting time directly on the website. 

About Callback online

In short
  • Increased availability
  • Seamless experience for the customer
  • Possible to view expected queue times

Book callbacks online

Callback can be offered for immediate calls or by allowing the customer to choose a suitable time from a schedule. At the scheduled time, the call is routed to an agent. If the option to specify the task type is used, the call is directed to an agent with the right skills. 

Easy to configure

The coach can easily configure different opening hours for different teams so that the customer is directed to an agent with the right skills. It is also possible to configure other things, such as the automatic acceptance of  callbacks. 

View availibility on the web

The customer can be offered to book an appointment onthe website based on opening hours that also take into account holidays or other changes to the opening hours. It is possible to configure how far in the future the customer can book a callback, for example today or ten days ahead. If you choose to let the customer book a call right away, the current queue time will be displayed instead. 

Instant or booked callbacks

On the same web page, instant or booked callback can be offered depending on context, such as bot conversation or via navigation. Even a voice bot or free speech solution can provide callbacks with errand type based on identified intent. 

Errand types

Callback can be provided with different errand types based on context on the website so that it is securely routed to an agent with the right skills, and for smart follow-up in the statistics. If ACE Chatbot offers callback, it can add a case type based on context and conversation that puts the callback right. 

Agent’s possibilities

During the call, the agent can add information, such as comments. Any information added will be included if the call is forwarded to another agent. The agent can give feedback on how the callback call went as part of the wrap-up, the feedback can be followed up in the statistics. If the agent creates a callback during the contact, some fields are prefilled with information from the contact 

Queue status

The current callback queue status can be monitored in real time in ACE Monitor. 

Agent opportunities

During the call, the agent can add information, e.g. comment. All information added is included if the call is forwarded to another agent. The agent can provide feedback on how the callback call went as part of the wrap-up, the feedback can be followed up in the statistics. If the agent creates a callback during an ongoing contact, some fields are filled with information from the contact

Queue status

Current queue status for callback can be monitored in real time in ACE Monitor.


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ACE Chat

Covers all needs for text-based conversations

Convenient way to meet the customer online

ACE Chat includes ready-made features that allow your customers to chat with your agents via web or app. It’s easy to customize the color and shape of the chat card to fit with your web and graphic profile. It is also possible to allow the customer to identify themselves with, for example, Mobile BankID. 

The agent writes and responds in ACE Interact, the text is spell-checked, and the agent can easily use ready-made answers from ACE Knowledge. The agent uses their time as efficiently as it is possible to have multiple chats running at the same time. If the customer wants to save the conversation, it’s easy to send it by email after the end of the chat and it’s also stored in ace interact’s contact archive. 

About ACE Chat

In short
  • Integrated into ACE Omnichannel
  • Chatbot history handover support
  • Secure link management

Complete chat function with great benefits

All ACE general omnichannel policies (routing, administration, reporting, intent identification) apply to chat. The agent can see in ACE Interact if the customer is securely authenticated, for example with Mobile BankID and who the customer is. Chat sessions are encrypted to protect customer privacy. 

General routing policy

Telia ACE general routing policies are applied to chats. Chats can be routed based on several different intents. Customer data and the customer’s intent are compiled on the web and accessible for the agents. The same data can be used to automatically look up information in underlying ERP systems. Chats can be forwarded to colleagues or other queues if necessary, and all information is included during the chat’s lifetime. 

Chats are routed to agents using push and pull or a combination of both. 


Statistics and interaction data are stored and compiled in a common database and with the same metrics as other channels. This ensures consistent channel interaction statistics. Statistical metrics are synchronized with each chat status, to avoid duplicates on, for example, AHT. 

Configuration and customizations

Webchat is presented on the web page with an inline, floating or bot widget. The SDK includes features for queue information and opening hours. The configuration and customization of chat widgets is done in a graphical interface, both styling and icons. 

Integrate with ACE Knowledge

Chat contact form or contact us data can be integrated with ACE Knowledge. With ACE Knowledge, relevant answers to the customer’s question are presented directly in the chat, limiting the need to send emails. 

Chat opening hours

Opening hours are configured in ACE Coach and presented seamlessly in the widget on the website 

More features

Offer the customer to switch to video calls or to have a copy of the conversation emailed after the chat ends. ACE Video requires a separate license. 

Examples of features

  • Targets for the number of concurrent chats can be configured at the individual level. The system automatically controls the chats according to routing policies until the target is reached. Agents can engage in more conversations by accepting more chats 
  • A threaded conversation history is available in ACE Interaction View. This is useful when different agents have had multiple interactions over time, in different channels, with the customer. For text-based interactions, the content of the conversation, automatized default phrases such as greetings and endings are displayed. It saves time for agents.  
  • Stored responses saves time and quality assures communication— keyboard shortcuts for common responses—macros that expand to agent name, date, customer name, case ID, or other interaction data related to chat— macros can be administered by the coach— different sets of saved responses can be defined for different teams
  • ACE Knowledge, can be used for more comprehensive responses including attachments and links 
  • Spell checker for agent’s response 
  • Place the chat in an ACE queue or waiting list or other agent’s personal queue 
  • Personal address book, common address book and organization directory 
  • Clickable links received by the agent by the customer are opened in a secure “sandbox” environment 
  • Standard configured widget inline/floating/bot widget 
  • Integrated features for information about queue times and opening hours 
  • Color and shape CSS 
  • Customize widgets or apps with the Web SDK 
  • The agent can reply to chats from a list, or chats can be automatically distributed until each agent’s individual parallel chat targets are reached. 

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ACE Campaign & Dialer

Flexible and efficient outbound telephony campaigns

Reach new customers.

Many organizations need to contact a large number of people over the phone. This can be for sales campaigns, follow-ups, surveys or citizen information. By importing the contact information into Telia ACE, the agent does not need to dial any numbers. Calls are automatically scheduled and routed to the agent. 

ACE Dialer gives your contact center powerful features for efficient outbound telephony. This means that you maximize the number of calls answered, minimize unproductive time for your employees and access detailed statistics for outcomes, insights and follow-up.

About ACE Campaign & Dialer

In short
  • Powerful and configurable campaign telephony
  • Dynamic distribution of agents between inbound and outbound telephony
  • Easy import of ring lists

Reach the right people at the right time

With Telia ACE Campaign & Dialer, it’s easy to plan and schedule campaigns. It is important to be able to easily reach the right people at the right time and in ACE Campaign &  Dialer there are features for processing and prioritizing different address records to, for example, reach different target groups at different times. Efficiency is also increased by ACE Campaign & Dialer automatically adapting to the response rate, thus reaching more customers. 

Automatic dialing saves time when a call is connected to an agent only after the call has been answered by the customer. Time is also saved between each call and, in addition, busy lines and no answer-calls are sorted out, i.e. those calls are not routed. The dialer can also use over-dialing. The dialer then makes extra calls based on available agents and statistical models. Over-dialing minimizes the time when an agent is waiting for a new call. 

Key features

  • Calls can start when there is an agent available or dynamically, based on what the system learns about audience behavior, such as response rate. It allows more calls to be made.  
  • Automatic balancing of the number of agents in outbound and incoming telephony teams. If the waiting time for incoming interactions is too long, agents can automatically be moved from campaign to incoming queues 
  • If you want to work with campaigns without a dynamic dialer, there are two methods: calls are assigned to the agent automatically or the agent can pick calls from the preview dialing list 
  • Campaigns can be started, stopped, paused manually, or automatically on schedule. For example, campaigns can be timed to stop at certain times of the day, e.g. so that no calls are made after 21:00 
  • With a priority schedule, it is possible to have different strategies that prioritize which campaign records to call out at different times. It provides the opportunity to increase the response rate based on knowledge of when different target groups are available 
  • Dialing number is adjustable per campaign 
  • Ace Knowledge call script to support the agent (ACE Knowledge requires a separate license) 
  • The agent can provide feedback on how the calls went:
    • Close – The agent has reached out with his message and has received successful acceptance, e.g. received order or completed survey
    • Declined – The agent has reached out with his message but has received negative acceptance, e.g. not interested, already has the product
    • Loss – The agent has not been able to get his message across, such as the wrong number, no longer lives here or speaks another language 

More features

  • Name your own reasons that describe why it was Close, Declined or Loss.  For example, Close – received order, Declined – not interested, Loss – does not understand Swedish 
  • A feedback can also be to call back later. The agent can then choose whether someone else working on the campaign should call back or whether to call back in person 
  • The system can automatically document feedback for events such as “no response”, “busy”, “blocked”, etc. 
  • You can set rules for automatically rescheduling calls in certain outcomes, such as try again after five minutes at busy or call the next day in case of no response 
  • Priority on individual campaign records can be set or changed based on outcome, via import or based on schedule and business logic
  • You can have multiple phone numbers, to call from, per campaign post 
  • It’s easy to import new campaign records or close stale campaign records from a text file, Excel file, or through an open API 
  • Ability to export connection and bleeds for campaign records 
  • Real-time monitoring and follow-up with ACE Monitor 
  • The coach can easily track progress and results with statistical reports and see the current state of the campaign and those working on it 
  • You can set a maximum cap on the percentage of “silent calls”, and the system ensures that no more than one “silent call” takes place against a phone number 

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ACE Chatbot

Humanlike and automated customer meetings

Quick responses give satisfied customers

The chatbot relieves agents by solving many common customer questions on its own. When necessary, the chatbot hands over the conversation to an agent with the right skills for the identified errand. Then the conversation continues seamlessly in the same window. The customer does not have to tell the same things more times and the agent quickly gets full control of the situation. 

The intelligence in the system helps the chatbot interpret customers’ behaviors of what kind of information or help they are looking for. It is designed to be curious and teachable and also constantly builds new knowledge based on the customer’s questions. This means, for example, that it quickly gets to know abbreviations and learns to draw the right conclusions based on context. 

Chatbot can, like a solution based on free speech, identify hundreds of different errand types (intents) which creates detailed statistics and makes any forwarding very accurate. 

About ACE Chatbot

In short
  • Easy to deploy, configure and maintain
  • Takes care of the most frequently asked questions
  • Relieves the agents
  • Identifies cases and moves on to the right skills

Fully integrated chatbot

ACE Chatbot is an integrated component of ACE following all general omnichannel policies (routing, administration, reporting, etc.m.) as other functions of ACE. 

Deploy and train

The chatbot can be set up in app or on web according to wishes and needs. The user cases are modeled in ACE Knowledge and the bot is integrated using scripts that retrieve the software from our cloud service or own storage. 

The chatbot’s abilities are continuously built up and improved with both supervised training and self-learning from user data. It learns synonyms, new expressions and which answers work well by itself. Supervised training uses real user data and a coach helps the bottom understand real questions and fine-tune their answers or actions. 

Smart chatbots use smart knowledge bases

ACE Chatbot can answer customer questions with knowledge from ACE Knowledge. Use the bot as a visual IVR to guide the customer right with buttons in a graphical interface along with free text and context, such as navigation history on a website. 

Uses intent to guide chat to agent with the right skills when needed and takes into account context, such as on which web page chat is started 


ACE chatbot is self-learning based on common questions and best solutions. GUI for supervised training. 

ACE chatbot can be integrated with and retrieve information from support systems through REST and JS APIs. 

Part of a proactive web

The chatbot can be initiated automatically based on the customer’s behavior and business rules. 


Suggest relevant answers based on understanding the specific question the customer asks or refer the customer to the best channel based on the question and context, such as web navigation, current queue times, time of day, and more. You can also control chat to agent or from chatbot to callback or email. 

It is also possible to convey identified intent and interaction data to ace routing engine. 

Integrated contact paths

Integrated contact paths that use support systems for e-mail forms, for example, with links to business or CRM systems. 

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Calabrio WFM

Workforce management made easy

Optimal staffing at all times

Staff who sit idle are an unnecessary cost, and conversely, understaffing leads to excessive waiting times. Both problems can cost the business dearly. With the help of Telia ACE open interfaces for staffing optimization, it is easy to use all the data available in the system to staff correctly. The right information is a prerequisite for optimizing for both service and costs.

Telia is a partner with Calabrio (formerly Teleopti) and Telia ACE has a ready-made adapter for their WFM (work force management) that includes everything you need to optimize staffing, staff, and customer service throughout your business. Calabrio WFM is in our cloud just like Telia ACE.

About Calabrio WFM

In short
  • Use all available data
  • Optimize for service and costs
  • Cloud-based service

Market-leading tool – integrated and ready in ACE

Telia provides staffing planning tools through ready-made integration with Calabrio. Data from agent and queue statistics in Telia ACE is mapped against functions in Calabrio Teleopti WFM to make forecasts and create personnel schedules that meet needs. 

Available features include:

Forecasting and planning – Enables strategic staffing and long-term planning

Schedule Management – Streamline daily scheduling workflows

Flexible tools for optimization – Easy to meet changing staffing needs

Employee mobility, self-service – Get everyone engaged, wherever they are

More about Calabrio

More about Calabrio, software features and how their staffing planning works can be found at  (opens in new tab).

The agent’s own logon schedule.
Report with forecast of call volumes and processing times and the outcome to follow up on accuracy.
The team leader’s or administrator’s view of the team schedule and how it relates to the “Demo” forecast and its planned staffing.

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Google Dialogflow

Build world-class conversational interfaces

Market-leading AI under the hood

Dialogflow, a google cloud service, makes it possible to build text and voice interfaces that communicate naturally with users and understand their needs. The strength lies in the understanding of language, so-called natural language understanding (NLU) market-leading speech recognition and speech synthesis. ACE customers can use this strength, for example, in chatbots and voice response solutions.

With our turnkey integration with Google Dialogflow, you can bring your voice and text bots with you and easily connect them with ACE for, for example, seamless handover to agent. This applies to those who are already using Dialogflow.

If you want to use a complete solution for virtual agents across all channels, take a closer look at our ACE Virtual Agent offering based on Google Contact Center AI where Dialogflow is one of the cornerstones.

About Google Dialogflow

In short
  • Build interfaces that communicate naturally and understand the user
  • Connect with ACE for a seamless transition
  • Market-leading speech recognition and speech synthesis

Detailed information, case studies and documentation can be found at  (opens in new tab).


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ACE Recording G2

The next generation recording tool

Record and save as needed

The ability to record calls is important for many companies and organizations. Ace Recording G2 allows for calls to be recorded to document interactions with customers, whether it’s coaching employees, documenting business deals, or threatening conversations. In some industries, there are legal requirements to store the calls for a certain period.

It is also possible to see which agents are having a conversation right now and listen to them to offer good coaching.

About Recording G2

In short
  • End-to-end encryption
  • GDPR-compliant recording consent solution
  • Recordings searchable and available with other interactions
  • Configurable storage rules
  • The agent can search for, view business data for and listen to recordings directly in their ACE Interact working tool
  • Encrypted transfer and encrypted and redundant storage in AWS
  • Standard function for managing consent to recording according to GDPR
  • Wide support for different technical conditions

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