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Telia ACE helped Finnish HSL simplify customer service

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The Helsinki Regional Transport Authority (HSL) provides public transport services by bus, tram, metro, commuter train and the Suomenlinna ferry. They sell tickets via app, ticket machines and sales offices. To provide their travelers with a smooth customer journey, HSL has implemented a Telia ACE customer service solution for telephony along with a smart AI driven knowledgebase. The new solution makes it easier to provide customers with the right information and personal service.

HSL’s previous solution was complex and unreliable, and calls were lost from the queue. Their goal was to achieve a customer service solution with a high level of quality, and to use new technology to get there.

“The new comprehensive Telia ACE solution has streamlined our processes and allowed us to lift our customer service to the next level”, says Marko Ertimo, IT service manager at HSL.

A fast and pleasant customer journey

The Helsinki travelers contact HLS’ 60 customer service representatives with a wide range of questions and problems on a daily basis. Following the implementation of the Telia ACE solution, the agents have a solid and reliable tool to work with. It allows them to fully focus on helping the customers, and to provide them with a pleasant experience.

“Our personnel no longer have to worry about technical problems, and it allows us to assist the customers faster”, says Ertimo.

Smart knowledgebase and quality control

HSL uses Telia ACE Knowledge as a hub for all their customer service information. The knowledgebase contains information and instructions needed to quickly provide customers with correct help and information.

“The knowledgebase is easy to use and is our go-to-tool for information”, says Ertimo.

HSL uses Telia ACE to monitor service levels, and among other things keep track of queue times, contact volumes and handling times. It allows HSL to make data driven decisions to improve their services further.

Smooth deployment and joint development

Ertimo praises Telia for the effectiveness of the delivery project to implement the solution.

“The implementation of the system went extremely well. Telia led the project professionally and actively kept us informed of its various stages.”

Currently HSL are using most of the Telia ACE functions for telephony. In the future HSL plans to connect social media channels. They will also add customer identity verification. The ACE customer service solution is easy to scale according to the changing customer service environment needs.

“We are constantly developing our customer service and are working with the Telia team to get more value from the functionalities in the platform”, Ertimo wraps up.

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