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Telia ACE gets renewed confidence from City of Stockholm

  • 2 min read

As a result of a recent procurement of contact center services, Telia is entrusted with delivering an updated platform to City of Stockholm.

Telia made the first contact center delivery to the City of Stockholm already in 2009. Then, as part of a larger telephony contract. However, the fact that the current procurement landed in renewed confidence in Telia ACE doesn’t mean that everything will be business as usual. The current contract contains many updates for the benefit of both citizens and municipal employees.

With the new solution that Telia will deliver, the municipal businesses will be reachable in more channels than before, and the employees will work in modern web-based tools with optional AI-based automation and agent assist.

All affected businesses will be deployed with a “base package” that includes telephony with callback, social media and email. In addition, there are several options that each business can make based on its own needs and requirements. In the list of optional services there are, for example, chat, workforce planning, the knowledgebase ACE Knowledge and virtual agents. The latter build on leading AI for natural language understanding and can complement, offload and cooperate with customer service staff, both in voice and in text-based channels.

Work on launching the updated platform is in progress. First up are Svenska Bostäder and Stockholm Vatten och Avfall (Stockholm Water and Waste). They are later followed by other units, such as Service Administration, Bostadsförmedlingen, Trafikkontoret, Elderly Administration, Familjebostäder and Stockholmshem.

The initial term for the contract four years. An option for extending 2+2+2 years gives a possible longest term of ten years.

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