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Telekom Today asks Telia ACE about self-service in the contact center

  • 1 min read

IVR and online self-service in various forms have been around for a long time. But as technology improves, so do the possibilities and self-service is still a hot topic. The Swedish industry magazine Telekom Idag recently reached out to ask about self-service in the contact center and how it affects the customer experience. Our own Fredrik Lemming, in good company with other experts, got to share his insights and good advice.

Some of the recommended approaches were to focus on customer perspective, understand their needs, maybe try using conversational bots in text and speech and choose high volume tasks to get started. When you make your self-service work well, the level of service, accessibility and efficiency increases. Ultimately, this improves the customer experience.

Another important success factor, which not only Fredrik mentioned, is that when self-service has reached the limit of its ability and has to hand the interaction over to an agent, it must be done seamlessly and while maintaining history. Having to repeat your issue as a customer is not a good experience.