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Intuitive online booking system saves time at HK

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Making or rescheduling an appointment shouldn’t be a big deal. And making appointments online in an intuitive online system is considered basics in today’s customer experience. HK implemented Telia ACE’s BookMe, made significant time savings, and none of the members noticed a thing.

HK is one of Denmark’s largest trade unions. Originally for people who were employed in the retail and administrative domain, today’s members work in a range of other professions, such as IT-consultants, laboratory technicians and accountants. When the members have employment related questions, they turn to Søren Elholm and his career counselor colleagues.

Søren Elholm and his colleagues at HK help union members with career counseling,

We assist members in every aspect of their careers. For instance, we offer guidance if they are looking for a new job, we offer coaching to prepare for the annual performance review, and discuss how best to upskill to reach the next career goal,” says Søren.

Bulletproof booking

Before the implementation of BookMe, Telia ACE’s online booking solution, members would send an email to make an appointment. It was a tedious process for both members and counselors, with several e-mails sent back and forth. When an appointment is scheduled via BookMe, it automatically updates Søren’s and his colleagues Outlook calendars.

As always when there are people and manual processes involved, things take time. We relied on being able to get in touch with the member to arrange an appointment for guidance, whether it was through SMS, email, or phone. With BookMe the members can book counseling when it suits them, and the scheduling process is bulletproof.

Søren says that he and his colleagues used to spend about an hour a week on scheduling appointments. Now they spend 7 minutes once every fortnight.

We save time, and the members are happy. No one said a word when we launched BookMe, which is the mark of a truly intuitive system and successful implementation. Telia has been there for us throughout the process, and we are happy with the outcome.

Screenshots from the user friendly BookMe interface created for HK members.

Data driven scheduling

All the counsellors in Søren’s team have the same competence, but since BookMe is integrated with the Telia ACE platform, it is possible to set up the system so that members or customers can indicate their issue and schedule an appointment with a person with the right skill set.

As other areas of our organization are looking at implementing the booking system, this is a feature that may be useful.

Why not have a look at BookMe in ACE marketplace.

If you are curios and want to know more about HK, visit their website at

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