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City of Stockholm introduces chatbot for building permit questions

  • 1 min read

Telia and the unit for Building Permits at City of Stockholm, City Planning Office have agreed on the introduction of an ACE chatbot. The unit already uses the ACE platform to manage phone contacts with residents and now takes a step towards the customer experience of the future.

With the support of modern AI technology, the unit will be better equipped to meet and handle questions regarding building permits. Estimates indicate that about 20-30% of the questions that are currently handled by the staff, and are of a simpler nature, may be answered by the chatbot. It frees up valuable time for the employees at the City Planning Office.

The project has not yet decided on a name for the bot, but it is clear that Telia’s own Charlie will get a younger sibling in the bot family. Telia will begin delivery shortly and expect to be done before the turn of the year.